Saturday, December 23, 2006

Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Georgia and Japan

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Comparatively mild sanctions have been imposed on Iran by the UN with the acquiescence of the Russians and Red Chinese. It appears that a deal was struck, whereby the Russians would be allowed to squeeze the Georgians and others with increased prices on energy, and the Red Chinese would be able to squeeze the Japanese, South Koreans and Taiwanese through North Korea; in exchange for allowing Israel and the US to hammer the Iranians with a pretext for aggressive war; all the while skirting the issue of Israel's nuclear weapons program and letting China off the hook for North Korea's aggression which is engineered by the Red Chinese.

The Middle East better wake up to the fact that the Russians and Chinese have no love for Islam. The Middle Easterners ought to secure their own future while they still have a handle on the lever of oil. If Iran falls into the hands of the US and Israel, and/or if a new method of extracting energy is developed, the Middle East will be completely at the mercy of its devout enemies.

While there is still time, the Peoples of the Middle East ought to organize three neutral states to promote peace and stability, Lebanon, Iraq and an independent and autonomous Palestine. The world will accept pressure from the oil producing countries if it is justly applied in the name of ending the genocide of the Palestinians, Lebanese and Iraqis, and in the interest of promoting peace and stability in the Middle East and throughout the world. Israel has so openly screamed for aggressive war, that it has no credibility whatsoever in the court of world public opinion. Seize the moment, it will not last! Cut off Israel economically and call for an arms embargo on the aggressive nation, while concurrently demanding that Israel disarm, and the People of Palestine obtain some measure of justice and security. A well orchestrated public relations campaign would sway world public opinion in favor of such international pressure on the warmongering Zionists.

If you depend on the good will of the West and East, without taking charge of your own campaign for justice, peace and stability, you have no hope. Spend a little money, have a little courage and take a chance. If do not risk acting on your own behalf to preserve the survival of your nations and your lives, you risk extermination.

Break free from your colonial attitudes. There is a lesson to be had from the civil rights struggle in America. Too many of the blacks of America depend on the government for jobs and for justice, and they end up without equitable employment or social justice. Their opportunistic leaders, many of them coming from the church, betray their interests and supply them with little more than empty rhetoric.

The situation is similar in the Middle East, where opportunistic leaders, many of them theocratic, sell out your people for personal profit and social status. Those blacks who take control of their own fate fare far better than those who depend on others to help them. The same will be true for those Middle Eastern nations which stop turning to the American Government for justice, and organize their own international efforts to bring the region into a new era of peace and stability.

The Israelis want you to fight each other and live in perpetual turmoil. The last thing the Israelis want is for the nations of the Middle East to cooperate with each other for peace and stability. It is, of course, the first thing Middle Eastern nations ought to do. There is no God given law that states that the countries of the Middle East cannot organize themselves and broker their own deals with the other nations of the world. Why do you turn to the US to intervene in everything you do? Why give them that power?