Friday, December 08, 2006

Where Is the International Aid?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


The political crisis in Lebanon has world-wide implications. Where is the world? Why is there no international effort to help resolve the legitimate disputes taking place in Lebanon? Why is there no international investigation of Israel's crimes against the Lebanese? The answer to these questions is that Jewish leaders are laughing loudly now that their plan to destroy Lebanon from within is bearing fruit, after their plan to destroy it by outright aggression failed due to world public opinion having turned sharply against Israel.

The Syrians and Iranians would be unwise to take equal delight in the rise of Hezbullah's civil disobedience in the absence of a reasonable effort to peacefully resolve the crisis. Hezbullah has gestured for talks, which is wise and appropriate. Hezbullah has also exposed Siniora and called on Shia and Sunni to unite against foreign influence coming from Israel to divide them, and has requested that other nations not interfere. It is now time for all Lebanese to openly declare that "We are all Lebanese" and call on all of the major ethnic and religious groups to come together and seek international neutrality and the healthy development of a cooperative and progressive nation. Lebanese should not look to foreign nations for support to fight other Lebanese, but should take advantage of their ethnic diversity so that they can look to other nations to help build a new and stronger Lebanon.

The Zionist Bush regime's policy of supporting Siniora and the other immensely wealthy families of Lebanon, while scapegoating Syria and Iran for problems Israel has obviously caused, is yet another pernicious element of the Bush foreign policy—a policy that knowingly invites disaster and war. Hezbullah has called Siniora a traitor. Lebanese patriots would have an easy time exposing Siniora for what he is by calling on him to condemn Israel and demand reparations, and to also condemn the material and political support the US provided to Israel, and to call on Siniora to take aggressive action throughout the world to demand justice for the Lebanese People.

They should call on Siniora to spend some of his money and produce documentary films and books exposing Israeli barbarity to the world. They should ask Siniora to explain why he is so aggressive when attacking Lebanese patriots, but was so weak and meek while Israel pounded Lebanon into dust. They should ask the Lebanese People why the Israelis never targeted Siniora.

Most importantly, Lebanese patriots should encourage cooperation among all Lebanese to build Lebanon and to foster equity and justice for all of the Lebanese People. Do not fight each other. Help each other to resist the Israeli objective of destroying Lebanon so that the Jews of Israel can take possession of it as part of "Greater Israel".

Israel attacked Lebanon. Iran and Syria pleaded for peace and prayed for the safety and well being of the Lebanese People. And whom does Siniora criticize? And where does Siniora turn to for help to fight Lebanese patriots?

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