Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ahmadinejad Is a Crypto-Jewish Pied Piper

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have been asked to write something about the evolution of Communism and Zionism from the common root of Jewish apostasy.

The apostasy of the Jewish masses is itself a part of the religion of Judaism. Judaism teaches Jews that the world will turn to evil before the arrival of the Jewish Messiah (see, for example, the Talmud in the Tractate Sanhedrin 97a-99b). The leadership of World Jewry confronted several problems in its ceaseless campaign to keep the Jews segregated and to "restore the nation to Palestine". One problem was that Christianity prophesied the arrival of the anti-Christ, and the Jews did not want to be viewed as the arrival of the anti-Christ. Christians believe that those Jews who will constitute the prophesied "remnant" "restored to Palestine" will have accepted Jesus Christ as their Messiah, will have converted to Christianity.

After printed versions of the Talmud appeared in the 1500's, Catholics became increasingly suspicious of the intentions of the Jews. In response to this "attack" from the Catholics, World Jewry created disunity in the Church by instituting the Reformation and developing the idea of the Pope as anti-Christ, so as to take the eye of suspicion off of the Jews. World Jewry, through false Christian crypto-Jews, initiated several movements which we would today call "Zionist movements".

These Zionist movements often sought to convince Jews to pretend to convert to Christianity, so that the Christians would not view Zionism as an evil force, and so that Christians would in fact help the Jews to steal Palestine from the Moslems.

At the time, Jews were highly religious, one could even say fanatically religious, and these attempts to gain false conversions were largely unsuccessful. More successful were the economic incentives given to Jews to convert by laws which required conversion to Christianity before a Jew could become a teacher, lawyer, civil servant, etc.

Another far more sinister force for Jewish apostasy was the Shabbataian-Frankist movement, which taught Jews to convert, or abandon Judaism, and instead embrace evil and only evil as their religion; so as to provoke God to grant the Jewish Messiah universal power, destroy the world, and "restore the Jews to Palestine". This Jewish group ridiculed Judaism, and especially the Talmud, in order to ingratiate themselves into the Christian and Moslem faiths, so that the Jews could destroy both from within, and in order to fulfil the prophesies of Jewish apostasy, which actions would supposedly usher in the Messianic Age.

These subversive Jews and crypto-Jews embrace Cabbalah, which is revolutionary in nature, and which incorporates empirical science and the Jewish Dualistic belief that evil is good. These highly influential, highly religious, and unimaginably wealthy Jews fabricated Communism and secular Zionism from the Talmud and Cabbalah. They intended that Jews fall into apostasy in order to get the Christians off of the Zionists' back, and to provoke God to destroy the world.

The movement of Jewry towards apostasy was planned and orchestrated by religious Jews. After World War III, you can expect that they will anoint their Messiah King of the entire Earth; and then, by design, turn Jews back to Judaism, if any are left alive.

As for the crypto-Jewish pied piper Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, he serves a vital role in the artificial fulfilment of these prophesies. He is the Persian King who foreshadows the battle of Gog and Magog of Ezekiel. He is deliberately bringing Iran into a devastating war on behalf of World Jewry.

Consider the situation logically. Iran's nuclear program is obviously not worth the death of the nation and will be of no value whatsoever after Iran is annihilated. Ahmadinejad's actions would be completely irrational if we were to suppose that he truly intended to forward the best interests of the Iranian People. He does not, but is instead deliberately forwarding the genocidal plans of the Frankist Jews, who own most of the wealth of the human race.

Consider the fact that Bush, who leads the most powerful nation on Earth, is an obvious stooge of the Frankist Jews and openly defies the American People, and perhaps you will find it easier to believe that Ahmadinejad is doing the same to the Iranian People. The Iranians know what Ahmadinejad is doing. They are not so stupid as to believe that it is righteous to stand in front of an approaching train on a matter of principle which gains the nation nothing and leads directly to its death. The moral imperative to save the nation and prevent the genocide of the Iranian People is far higher than the moral imperative to assert Iran's right to a peaceful nuclear program. Ahmadinejad, if he were "for real", would be nothing more than an immoral jack-ass hell bent on devastating Iran in the name of a legal right to enrich uranium, which will be denied in any event. In reality, he is a traitor.

Ahmadinejad has done next to nothing to expose the organized efforts of Israel and America to destroy Iran. He has done next to nothing to win world public opinion over to the Iranians' side. He has instead played into Israel's hands and assisted them in their goal of mass murdering Iranians. He has focused attention more on the USA than Israel. He has not pointed out Netanyahu's blatant hypocrisy, nor has he put to use the vast resources of the Iranian nation to wage a massive public relations campaign to expose the Jewish genocides of innocent peoples and their plan to aggressively attack Iran. He has instead unified Jews and cast scorn upon Iran. His actions are deliberately self destructive and Iran would be far better off with secular leadership which holds Iran's best interests at heart, instead of Israel's.

The Iranians are caught in the same bind as the Americans.