Friday, January 12, 2007

Congress Can and Must Stop Bush and Cheney

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Congress can and must do more than threaten to curtail funding for Bush's illegal aggression in the Middle East. Congress can and must impeach Bush and Cheney. This will rally the American People against the dictator and embolden our military leaders to step forward and save the nation from the Zionist traitor George W. Bush, who is planning to bring us into a nuclear World War III.

The international community must also act to rein in Bush's illegal aggression. The United Nations must respond to Bush's and Israel's open threats to attack peaceful nations in the Middle East, including Iran and Syria. Europeans, who suffered so terribly in World Wars One and Two—most especially the Russians, Poles and Germans—must act to curtail Bush's open aggression.

The lessons of history are clear. The vampires are hungry and are about to feed.

Bush is highly vulnerable. His face and demeanor during his speech revealed that he is exhausted and knows full well that his actions are criminal and threaten to destroy the human race. He is not a strong person and will not be able to endure a political fight. Congress can and must remove Bush from office and in so doing prevent the next world war. The world will respond with relief and the United States can begin to repair the damage that Bush has done to us and the rest of the human race.

Congress should also pass explicit laws making it a criminal offense to obey illegal orders from the President. The laws should, in exact terms, proscribe aggressive war, and proscribe war which has not been declared by Congress, and establish specific criminal sanctions for obedience and complicity with illegal war against military officials who participate in such illegal acts, which illegal acts the Congress ought to define. This will not only deter such illegal acts, it will empower the military to save itself from a mad and traitorous dictator, who is destroying the country. The Congress should establish legal means for military officials to protect themselves from this criminal Commander-in-Chief, and grant them immunity and the lawful authority to reject criminal commands.