Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Drive a Wedge Between China and Israel—Drive a Wedge Between the World and Israel

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

China depends upon the US economy for growth. Though the Jews can help or hinder the Chinese with loans to sponsor growth and through the Jewish control of the American and European political and economic processes, the Chinese must realize, and ought to receive a friendly reminder, that a war against Iran would bury the US economy and with it the Chinese economy. China should suggest to the Israelis that their best option is also peace, and when the Jews of Israel respond that, no, the Jews' best option is war, it will raise eyebrows in Beijing among patriotic Chinese.

Israel has tremendous leverage over China, but does not want to use it, because it does not want to risk straining its relationship with the nation. Jews could threaten to hurt China's image in the Jewish controlled press, especially now that China is covertly attacking Japan and Taiwan through North Korea. Jews could also threaten to constrain China's growth in many ways. But World Jewry knows the risks of flexing its muscle.

Jews own top Chinese officials and the international flow of money and information, but what if some among the Chinese were forced to explore ways around Jewish power? Would they soon discover that they not only did not need Jewish support, but would be better off if they acknowledged the enemy and openly opposed it—and sought allies to combat the common threat of World Jewry to all the nations?

Iran should reiterate its peaceful stance. The more Israel screams for war, while Iran calls for peace, the more ridiculous and dangerous the Jewish warmongers will appear.

China will lose all it has strived for if the Israelis attack Iran and send the world into a deep and lasting depression. There are indeed many traitors among the top Chinese officials, and they would welcome this slide into chaos and war, but there are also Chinese patriots who can be woken up.

The Moslem Peoples have thus far done a poor job of iterating long term objectives which are beneficial to the world at large, and as a result have a miserable record in international diplomacy. Take for example the emerging and predictable crisis in Palestine fueled by the "Jewish State" and Palestinian traitors. Hamas is wisely trying to quell the rise in violence which the Jews are instigating so as to provoke a civil war.

However, they are failing in the international arena to voice the benefits to the world of a stable and healthy Palestinian population. They have thus far not given a strong and reasonable statement asking for international support to end the Israeli subversion of internal Palestinian politics and the Jewish led destruction of the Palestinian People through sanctions and deliberate degradation. The Palestinians should issue a comprehensive and enlightened report pointing out the countless benefits to the world if it will help them to break the yoke of the oppressing and inhuman Israelis. They should also point out that the Israelis are bringing the world into danger, while the Palestinians seek peace and stability as the harvest of justice and fairness.

Iranians, Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese, etc. ought to appeal to the world and offer peace and prosperity, while pointing out that the Israelis are perpetually throwing the world into turmoil. Show that Israel is the problem and the solution is to contain the warmongering Israelis and join together for peace and security for all nations in the Middle East and the world.

Force the traitors in China to expose themselves as sponsors of the irrational policy of supporting aggressive Jews, who will destroy the Chinese economy and bring the world into war. Do not make it easy for World Jewry to control the Chinese against their own best interests. Rather, make it easy for patriotic forces in China to assert their reasonable position.

Focus on incentives to sponsor peace in the Middle East, while subtly reminding the world of the risks to all nations of escalating Jewish sponsored wars. Act as well as react. Make much of the Jewish threat to aggressively attack Iran with nuclear weapons. Israel is a threat to humanity. Offer peace and prosperity as the alternative to Jewish aggression and destruction.