Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Golden Trap

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Consider a hypothetical situation. What if a specific group of fork manufacturers, working in collusion, had a lock, a monopoly on the production of forks. Suppose they then used their influence to corrupt politicians and have them base our money on forks.

The price of forks would skyrocket and people who had no intention of using forks as a medium of exchange would be forced to do so, if only to pay their taxes. The fork you group, covertly run by Jewish bankers, would hire a feted Jew to lead a populist movement "against the Jewish bankers", who have thus far controlled the Federal Reserve System and inflated our currency, and this Jew would sucker the American People into demanding that bankers give up control of our currency by instituting the fork you standard. He would say that the American People must have the "FREEDOM" to enslave themselves to the fork you standard, thereby covertly taking away the freedom of the American People to issue their own currency through their Government and enslaving them to the hypothetical fork manufacturers covertly run in our hypothetical example by Jewish bankers. Gullible Goys would cling to their new savior and blindly extol the virtues of being forked by their feted Jewish Messiah, who promised to lead them into a new Utopia of "FREEDOM".

The Jewish bankers, who initially secured the Goy debts they manufactured through unnecessary wars and other destructive means, while quietly robbing the treasury to ensure that those debts would accrue and could never be paid off, those same Jewish bankers who initially secured the debts with Federal Income Taxes, debts they deliberately created and increased, would seek to secure those debts with forks, and land, and the property and wealth of the American People. The Jewish bankers know that American incomes will soon diminish in value and that they will soon have the opportunity to foreclose on America. They want to secure the debt they created with property they can steal, instead of increasingly devalued Federal Reserve Notes and Income Taxes, which are becoming an increasingly risky means of securing debt for the Jewish bankers.

After suckering the American People into adopting the fork you standard in the name of "FREEDOM", the Jewish bankers would confiscate all the forks in America with little or no compensation given to the fork holder—how can one confiscate forks by giving forks in exchange? They would then circulate these stolen forks as currency and continue to sell the American Government more forks at inflated prices, thereby increasing the national debt substantially. They would secure this debt with the wealth of America, as opposed to Federal Income Taxes.

At the opportune moment, the Jewish bankers would then hoard all the forks and cut back drastically on all forms of loans. Without money available with which to make purchases, there would be a dramatic deflation of the currency, which would be increasingly held by the Jewish bankers. Businesses would fail, foreclosures would increase further causing prices to fall, and unemployment would rise dramatically, but the value of forks would sharply rise. There would be dramatic deflation.

In other words, the Jewish bankers would be able to buy up the wealth of America with their forks, while the American Government went bankrupt. The Jewish bankers would then be able to foreclose on the American People, and steal national lands, and other forms of irreplaceable wealth from the American People, in addition to directly foreclosing on American property held in private hands. When the American People cry foul, their feted Jewish Messiah will say, no, we must have "FREEDOM", meaning the Jewish bankers must be allowed to fork the American People and the American People must not enjoy the freedom to issue their own currency through their Government. Only a card carrying Communist would deny the benefits of being forked or would allow the Government to issue its currency independent of the fork you group! or so say the feted Jew will say.

The gold standard is a trap, a pitfall that enslaves Goy nations to Jewish bankers. Jewish bankers first inflate currency they issue as notes, by instituting a fractional reserve banking system and charging the Government, the American People, an unnecessary fee for issuing these notes. Then the Jewish bankers create a controlled opposition which decries this banking system and demands a gold standard to replace it. The Jewish bankers hold the gold and will confiscate the gold held in private hands to provide the stock needed to start off the scheme. In so doing they have already made a profit by selling the Government gold, gold they have stolen from the American People long ago, and gold they will confiscate. Though they will pretend that the Government is in control of the money system, they will maintain a firm grip on it from beginning to end.

The Jewish bankers will secure their investment in American debt with property they can confiscate, as opposed to income taxes they know will never be able to pay off the debt, by design. After again depriving the American People of the means of issuing their own currency through the American Government, the Jewish bankers will hoard the gold and cut back dramatically on loans, increasing the value of the gold they hold and making it impossible for the American economy to function. After collapsing the American economy, the Jewish bankers will foreclose on America and steal our wealth with the gold they hold.

A new feted Jewish Messiah (secretly working for the Jewish bankers) will appear, who will loudly decry the gold standard as the criminal enterprise of the Jewish bankers that it is. This new agent of the Jewish bankers posing as an "American patriot" will promise the gullible Goys that a Federal Reserve System and a Federal Income Tax will save them from the Jewish bankers. "FREEDOM" will now mean the freedom of the Jewish bankers to control the issue of notes to the detriment of the American People. The Jewish bankers, in the name of "FREEDOM", will again take from us the freedom to issue our own currency through our Government. The Jewish bankers will then again collect and hoard the gold and send it off to Jerusalem, and the American People will again have jumped from the golden frying pan to the inflated fire of crackling notes.