Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Profiting from the Suffering of the Palestinians and Iraqis: Promoting a War Between Moslems and Middle Easterners

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


The so-called "Arab leaders" of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, etc., are showing their true face as they line up to lick Olmert's and Rice's boots. Why are they doing it, and what is to be done about it?

Many of these "Arab leaders" are in fact crypto-Jews loyal to the Magen David, but let's set that aside for this discussion. Let's instead focus in on the more obvious facts, and specifically on the Saudi leadership. Saudi leaders have intimate ties to both the Zionist Bush regime and the Israelis. Saudi leaders let themselves be used as the scapegoats for the Mossad attacks on the United States of America of 11 September 2001. Saudi leaders are spreading a self-destructive interpretation of Islam, which is exploited by the warmongering Zionist-Axis of American Zionists, British Zionists and Israelis as a pretext for their unprovoked wars and for their planned extermination of all Moslems. Saudi leaders are sponsoring the American escalation of the Zionist war on Iraq and American plans to aggressively attack Iran. Saudi leaders are sponsoring the subversion of Palestinian interests by Abbas, Rice and Olmert. Saudi leaders are helping the Israelis to pit Sunnis against Shia, and Arabs against Persians. Saudi leaders want the Americans to train Iraqis to kill each other, and to provide the Iraqis with the weapons to be used by Iraqis to kill Iraqis, and to start World War III.

Saudi leaders, and their less wealthy colleagues in the Gulf, have always had it within their power to secure the Palestinians' rights and have done nothing but exacerbate the Palestinian crisis by subverting the Palestinians' interests while pretending to provide for the Palestinians. Saudi leaders have had it within their power to buy up major media outlets around the world and use them to further Islamic interests, but have not done so. Saudi leaders have had it within their power to create Moslem lobbying organizations to rival and surpass Jewish lobbying organizations in the US, but have not done so. Saudi leaders could have sponsored secular education, industry and agriculture across the Moslem world, but have not done so. Instead, Saudi leaders again and again come to the aid of the Zionists and promote war against Moslems and pit Moslems against Moslems, and provide Zionists with pretexts to kill Moslems.

The CIA and Mossad, and more generally the governments of America, Britain and Israel have made it very profitable for the Saudi leaders to subvert the interests of the Palestinians, and, more generally, the interests of Islam. From the Saudi leaders' perspective, the worst possible calamity would be for the Palestinians to be freed and for the Middle East to enjoy a new era of peace and prosperity. The Saudi leaders would then become less relevant and their game of playing both sides against the Middle East would come to an end.

There are ways to pressure the Saudi leaders, without profiting the Zionists. Decrease their relevance by speaking to the people directly. Do not let the issue become one of Arab versus Iranian, or Sunni versus Shia, but rather one of justice and Moslem unity. Ask why Saudi leaders, and their cohorts in Egypt and Jordan, want Moslems to attack other Moslems and help the Jews to destroy Islam. Ask why the Saudi leaders are so close to Bush. Ask why Saudi leaders are either afraid to stand up for justice, or want to promote injustice and perpetual Palestinian suffering. Once the eye of suspicion is cast on Saudi leadership, more effective measures can be implemented to promote justice and peace in the Middle East.