Friday, January 05, 2007

A Secular Perspective on Israeli Warmongering: The Risks the Israelis Run and Why They Take Them

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Israeli leadership are concurrently fearmongering and warmongering. They want Jews around the world to be "good Jews" and push for war against Iran. In order to create an incentive for this warmongering, Jewish leaders are fearmongering by accusing Iran of plotting to nuke Israel.

This will indeed inspire many Jews to overtly and covertly do what they can to instigate a war against Iran. It will also discourage immigration and tourism to Israel, and encourage emigration out of the "Jewish State". This is likely one reason why Olmert confirmed the existence Israel's nuclear arsenal. He sought to reassure Israelis and Jews that Israel can deter such an hypothetical attack, and to threaten Moslem nations with nuclear annihilation. However, another consequence of Olmert's tacit assurances to world Jewry is to inspire fear and insecurity in Jews, who would otherwise contemplate a move to Israel. Olmert, of course, scapegoats Iran for what he is doing.

Israel is chocking itself demographically by discouraging Jews from moving to Israel, and its leadership knows it. Their policies are counterproductive, unless they plan to expand Israel's borders and increase anti-Semitism around the world so as to increase emigration to Israel.

War would only make sense for world Jewry, if the artificial fulfillment of Jewish prophecies is their goal. In addition to deliberately creating world-wide instability and world war, such plans directly threaten increased dangers to all Jews, assimilated, indifferent and Zionistic.

If world Jewry were truly motivated by secular reasons alone, their best options would be to create a neutral Palestinian State and to stabilize Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran. Jews in Israel could then live in peace and security with plenty of room for their current population and an additional increase through immigration, and/or internal growth, of another five million Jews. Quite obviously, they are not interested in merely creating a viable "Jewish State", as they are deliberately discouraging emigration to Israel. They want instead to artificially fulfill Jewish End Times prophecy.

For Jewry, this entails the prophesied deaths of two thirds of extant Jews. For assimilated Jews and Gentiles, the Jewish "End Times" signify world war and certain extinction.