Sunday, January 21, 2007

War Will Come Sooner Rather than Later

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

By simply keeping his mouth shut, Ahmadinejad could have bought Iran precious time to attempt to head off this war with an international diplomatic effort aimed at exposing Israeli and American aggression. Instead, Ahmadinejad gave the Israelis the excuse they want to not wait to attack Iran. Ahmadinejad has declared that his nation will not negotiate on the nuclear issue and will not be affected by sanctions. Ahmadinejad has purposefully made the UN and diplomacy non-issues. The only issues left now is when to attack, who will strike first and how.

Iran can save itself and the world from this imminent threat. So can the US and Israel. Will the people of the world do anything to save themselves from the coming disaster? If not, it will come sooner rather than later—I fear much sooner than most suspect. Bush, Olmert and Ahmadinejad are working together to accelerate the schedule.