Friday, February 02, 2007

2/11/07: A Date That Will Live in Infamy?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The crypto-Jewish theocratic leadership of Iran is lying to the Iranian People. These leaders form a third world style religious junta, soon to turn into a third world military junta, led by Communist Jews calling themselves the "Islamic Revolution". Following the Saddam Model, they are threatening the US with the mother of all battles, and reassuring the Iranian People that Bush is bluffing, and in any event the US is powerless to harm Iran. These are Jewish Communist propaganda techniques used to lead the cattle quietly into the slaughterhouse.

Both the US and Iran are led by Zionist puppets following the common objective of a war between America and Iran, which will escalate into World War III. The ground is being prepared for this event, which will occur very soon. Blair, Bush and the political leaders of Israel, all of whom are subservient to the leaders of World Jewry, are each threatened with criminal prosecutions if they do not obey orders to instigate a nuclear attack on Iran.

Another key event in this deliberately accelerating march to war, are the planned events of 11 February 2007, in Iran (and around the world?). The crypto-Jews who lead Iran are planning to provide World Jewry with a staged circus that will give World Jewry the material they desire for world wide propaganda to defame the Iranian People. While Iran should be doing everything it can to defuse the situation, its traitorous leaders are instead deliberately quickening the pace towards conflict at the behest of World Jewry.

As the United States military prepares for war by moving Naval forces into the Gulf to secure the flow of oil, and as a platform from which to bomb the hell out of Iran, the American Congress tapdances around the issues and follows a script designed to calm the American Public as the Zionist traitors lead us into unnecessary and illegal aggressive war. Once the war starts, it will be an accomplished fact and even if the traitors are tried, it will be like throwing a pile of marionettes into the fire and will not undo the genocide of the Iranian People. Rest assured that the Jewish leaders, who are but the latest in the countless generations of Jews who have planned this war for thousands of years, will go unpunished.

No matter what the government says, the Iranians should not goosestep in lockstep before the cameras of the Jewish controlled international media. They should not give Nazi salutes, nor tote weapons, nor parade missiles which connote nuclear missiles. No one should hint that the Iranians have been forced to turn their nuclear program into a military program. Anyone planning terrorist acts should be turned in to the authorities. Any of these actions will be used by the Jewish media to promote an attack on Iran.

Iranians who want the Persian People to survive should counter demonstrate on 2/11/07 against the Jewish Communists calling themselves the "Islamic Revolution", if not overthrow the traitorous regime currently in power, who are intentionally ruining Iran and cooperating with Israeli and American Zionists to bring the country into war so that they can annihilate it. The Iranian People should let the world know that they do not support Ahmadinejad, and simply want to live out their lives in peace. They should point out to the world that their nation and their People are being betrayed by Zionists from within and without. This may be their last chance to prevent the coming cataclysm.

War is coming to kill you. Do not cheer on your own demise. Instead protest against Ahmadinejad, as well as Bush and the other Zionists who are planning to mass murder you.