Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Capture the Israelis with Video Cameras

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


It is far more effective to shoot the IDF with cameras and video cameras, than with bullets. Racist Zionist Meir Kahane long ago called upon the Israelis to ban journalists and cameras from capturing Israeli crimes "on tape". The Israelis have heeded Kahane's advice, and IDF soldiers are instructed to prevent journalists and others from filming Israeli atrocities. When the Jews of Israel began smashing the bones of Palestinian children with large jagged rocks, allegedly to discourage them from throwing stones, it was only video images of these Zionist crimes that put an end to them.

The UN and other international bodies should prosecute any and all Israelis who violate the fundamental rights of those who would video or photograph Israeli crimes, by any means, including, but not limited to: seizing the cameras, obstructing the view of the cameras, or ordering the photographers and videographers to cease filming. The right to film crimes is a fundamental human right. This right to garner evidence of crimes against humanity incorporates the rights of free speech, freedom of expression, human dignity, self defense, freedom of movement, freedom of property, and freedom of the press, among other inalienable fundamental human rights.

Israel should be punished for violating these fundamental human rights. Palestinians should arm themselves with cameras, overtly and covertly, and establish networks to disseminate these images to the world public. These images destroy the reputation of the Israelis, reveal Israeli atrocities, and reveal the pro-Jewish, anti-Goyish bias of the Jewish controlled international press. These images garner sympathy for the Palestinians, show how the Palestinians are oppressed, and inspire the People of the World to take action on behalf of the oppressed Palestinians.

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