Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Jewish Art of Deception Has Gone Impressionistic: "How Dare You Accuse Us of What We're Doing! We're the Victims Now Go Get 'em Goyim!"—Tribal Jew

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As World Jewry press for war against innocent Iranians, they seek to hide what they are doing and scapegoat others. This has been a pattern for World Jewry for thousands of years.

In the News

"While Jewish communal leaders focus most of their current lobbying efforts on pressing the United States to take a tough line against Iran and its nuclear program, some are privately voicing fears that they will be accused of driving America into a war with the regime in Tehran."Forward Staff, "Groups Fear Public Backlash Over Iran", The Jewish Daily Forward,, (1 February 2007).