Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Runaway Train to World War III

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

On the eve of a Monday meeting in London of five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany to discuss sanctions on Iran, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared that Iran's nuclear program is a runaway train without brakes or a reverse gear. In addition, Iran launched a rocket. What purpose, other than to derail any hopes of a negotiated settlement, could Ahmadinejad's inflexible statements serve?

The Zionist puppet at the other end of the Israeli theater of the absurd, Condoleezza Rice, declared that the US would talk to Iran if Iran complied with Zionist America's will and unconditionally halted its uranium enrichment program. Of course, no party would agree to its opponent's demand for unconditional surrender as a precondition for talks.

So we have an Israeli orchestrated impasse, which is meant to serve as the trigger for the fulfilment of a 2,500 year old Jewish plan to destroy humanity (Ezekiel 38-39). What can we as members of the human race do to stop this campaign by World Jewry to bring about our deaths? Our governments and mass media have been corrupted by Jewish financiers.

The situation is worse than many imagine. "Arab" and "Sunni" leaders, who are in fact Zionist agents, are playing on prejudices to create a rift in Islam, so that Moslems will commit genocide against Moslems, or at the very least cooperate with Israel to destroy Shia Islam. The Saudi crypto-Jews have developed, under Jewish guidance, an especially hostile strain of Islam, which wages war on the Shia, and specifically on Iran. Of course, after the Shia are wiped out, World Jewry will turn on the Sunnia and enlist the aid of Christians to destroy the Sunni, and the Russians.

What can we do to stop this march to world war, when the leadership on all sides of the issue are under the control of Zionist Jews? Zionist Jews have always had a globalist agenda. Jewish prophets, Jewish planners, always called upon the Jews to take over the world and ruin Gentile Peoples. Jews were never great in numbers and alone only posed a threat to the human race to the extent that they were able to control the Goyim and trick them into killing one another. They have always installed their agents as the leaders of the Goyim. Caligula was assassinated so that a puppet of the Jews could replace him. Esther (a fiction) wormed her way into power so that she could genocide the enemies of the Jews.

What do we do? Marxist Jews, posing as "patriots", will tell us to respond to the pressure by overthrowing our leaders and ruining our economies with crippling strikes, refusals to pay taxes, and disasterous economic policies such as the gold standard, or universal currencies. This is how Marxist Jews destroyed the Russian Empire. They will be good to us and share their wonderful advice that the way to end the "corporate elite's" wars is to give up our national sovereignty and submit to world government. Since the Jews are a "light unto the nations" it is only natural that these Jews should rule us. The Marxist Jews will lead us down the same path as the neo-Conservative Zionist Jews. They are the same vampire, the same clown, enticing the Goy cattle to stampede to their end.

The neo-Conservative Jew waves the Red Flag, the "Rothschild", at us for us to charge. The Marxist Jewish clown paints his face and waves his hands, and distracts our attention from the fact that this evil comes from Judah. Both are working together to thrust the Jewish fang, held tightly behind the back of the Hebrew matador, the Jewish vampire who would be our "Messiah", into the heart of humanity.

What do we do? Two good ways to kill a vampire are to expose it to sunlight and to deprive it of blood. We must continue to inform the public that it is Israel who is behind this push to world war. We must deprive World Jewry of wars. Soldiers must refuse to fight illegal wars. Honest persons must ceaselessly confront the traitors in their midsts. Presidential candidates must campaign with the promise to pardon all who combat this evil.

We must not be lead astray by the clowns, who blame us for the bloodlust of the vampire. We must not heed their calls to destroy our own economies and combat ourselves to fight the battle against the forces at the "top", for they are a shield hired by the Jewish bankers to distract our attention from our true enemy. The most powerful and dangerous people in the world are the Frankist Jewish bankers who are designing to destroy humanity.

Drag out this vampire from the cave of its banking vaults. Let the afternoon sun sanitize humanity, while we wipe the paint from the face of the Zionist clowns, who pose as "Marxists" and "Libertarians" and "Liberal Democrats", but who always deflect attention from the fact that it is a demonstrably Jewish elite who are at the top of the headstone of humanity pulling their strings and directing their voices to pit us against ourselves.

Note that Bush and Ahmadinejad are both Zionist stooges who will bring about a victory for Israel and the death of Iran and America. Expose them both as the enemies of humanity. Expose them both as puppets of the Jewish bankers and by tugging on the puppets' strings pull down the vampire from his black throne.

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