Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dirty Bombs and Dirty Pool

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


The Russians suffered very badly in World Wars I & II, and cannot be eager to enter into a third. In addition, Russia has, for centuries, been a cat's paw of the Lion of Judah.

After helping to set up Iran for the coming war, Russia has now flown its true colors. Iran's claim that it needs to manufacture enriched uranium because foreign sources are unreliable, has been vindicated, though to some extent by a self fulfilling prophecy.

At the critical time, right before the UNSC vote on a proposed resolution condemning and sanctioning Iran, to which Russia was a party, the Russians have stabbed the Iranians in the back. The Russians have many concerns, which World Jewry have exploited as excuses the Russians can use to justify their predictable (and predicted) betrayal. Israelis are concerned that the Iranians have no means to retaliate after an Israeli or American nuclear strike on Iran. They want Iran to have as little fuel with which to manufacture "dirty bombs" as possible. Many nations are concerned that the nuclear fall out from a Zionist attack be minimized. For these reasons, among others, the Russians have refused to deliver nuclear fuel to the Iranians and are pulling out of Bushehr.

This is a bad sign for Iran, and indicates that the Russians know of Zionist attack plans and approximate schedules and have given their consent for the coming attack. They are pulling out their people and their interests so that they cannot be drawn into the conflict, nor lose face, but instead have been rewarded in many ways by the Zionists for helping to destroy peaceful Iran. Likewise the Red Chinese, who were warned with a stock market shock who is in charge of the World economy, are no faithful allies of the Iranians, but are instead led, and misled, by Zionists.

If, after the final vote is taken in the UNSC, Russia does not return to Iran, watch it! You will then know that their move was not a ploy to pressure Iran, but was an opportunistic act, and an act of self defense, made because of Russian knowledge that Iran is about to be attacked.

The Zionists are abusing the UNSC by using the nuclear issue to pile demands unrelated to the nuclear issue onto Iran as part of the Zionists' Middle East agenda. It is clear that the Zionists want to obstruct a negotiated settlement of the nuclear issue, and instead are exploiting it to destroy Iran and Islam. Mbeki and Mottaki have proposed reasonable measures that should satisfy all honest parties. The Zionists will reject these proposals because their interest is in aggressive war, not a negotiated, fair and sustainable resolution to the crisis, which they have created and are perpetuating. Iran can make things more difficult for the Zionists by issuing a very moderate and measured response to the fanatical Zionist attacks on Iran. Stick to the facts and the law and propose a forum to discuss these issues.

In addition to pointing out the illegality, corruption and unfairness of the draft resolution and the resolution which preceded it, the Iranians ought propose a resolution to establish an arbitration and negotiation process. There needs to be a civilized and legal process by which this issue can be resolved, instead of a series of maffia-style ultimatums, threats and attacks. The Zionists should not be allowed to abuse the UNSC as a means to aggressively attack others.

It would be wise for Iran to propose alternative avenues to a negotiated solution. Iran should request a list of particular and specific objections to its activities and request a forum in which these objections can be met and discussed in compliance with International Law, without threats or the tortuous interference of international contracts. The core issue is to establish a verifiable means of determining that Iran's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. This can be accomplished in a civilized manner. It only requires a good faith effort. The draft resolution put forth by the Zionists is not in good faith. It contains contradictions, obstructs negotiations and attaches unrelated issues to the nuclear issue so as to exploit the opportunity to forward a broad and aggressive Zionist agenda for the domination and destruction of Islam.

On the other hand, Iran has every right to point out that these Zionist abuses are a part of a pattern, which extends out over the full history of the UN and the League of Nations.