Friday, March 09, 2007

Far More Significant than the Downing Street Memo

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In July of 2006, shortly after the Israelis attacked the Lebanese, I went on the radio and revealed that the Israelis used the same model to attack the Lebanese that they had used to attack the Palestinians of Gaza. They set up their own soldiers as a pretext for aggressive war. I warned from the beginning that the Israelis would level Lebanon to "stubble" and would not stop until they were stopped by world public opinion. I warned that all of the Israeli promises that the attack would soon end were merely deceitful stalling tactics meant to buy the Israelis more time until the absolute destruction of Lebanon was an accomplished fact. I also blogged about this in August of '06, when I first started this blog. On 6 August 2006, I wrote,

"Jews are presently also scapegoating Hezbullah and the Palestinian People for the barbaric Jewish genocide of the Palestinian and Lebanese Peoples. Israelis followed the same model to create a pretext for the Jewish mass murder of helpless Arabs. Israelis sent Jewish soldiers into foreign territory and then pretended that the capture of these soldiers constituted a casus belli for the genocidal wars Jews have been planning for 2,500 as found in the book of Ezekiel. Jews overrate the strength of Hezbullah so as to provide a pretext for the complete destruction of Lebanon Jews planned in Ezekiel Chapters 27 and 28. Jews offer false hope that their unprovoked aggression will soon end, then dash those hopes by intensifying their murder of helpless Lebanese children and babies and pour the blood of their victims back onto their victims by scapegoating them for Jewish atrocities."Jews Have Always Scapegoated Their Victims

On 7 August 2006, I wrote,

"Lacking any legal justification for their long planned and unprovoked attack, Israel sent a few of its soldiers into Lebanon knowing that the Lebanese would have to take action against them and capture them. Israel then used Israel's violations of international law as a spurious pretext to invade Lebanon. Far from being sanctioned by the United Nations, Israel's unprovoked and genocidal aggression is instead the fulfillment of an illegal and inhuman 2,500 year old Jewish genocidal plan for the destruction of Lebanon mapped out in the Jewish book of Ezekiel chapters 27 and 28."Who Violated United Nations Resolution 1559?

Both the Palestinians and the Lebanese were well within their rights to capture intrusive soldiers, and both Peoples had the right to use the soldiers in negotiations for a prisoner exchange. The Israelis had taken infinitely more Arab prisoners, than the Arabs had captured intrusive Israeli soldiers. The Israelis violated International Law when they attacked the Lebanese on this false pretext.

Since the Israelis have admitted that their attack was premeditated mass murder, the Lebanese who have lost their loved ones, and their homes, and their businesses, have an even stronger case to sue the Israeli Government. The Lebanese Government should demand reparations from Israel, and should demand that the Israeli war criminals, the premeditated murderers, be prosecuted.

We know that Israel has plans to attack Iran with nuclear weapons. Given the proven instance of premeditated Israeli war crimes against Lebanon, the imminent danger of Israeli aggression against Iran must be prosecuted in the international courts.