Monday, March 05, 2007

George Bush's Zionist Warmongering Is Destroying the World Economy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish bankers are opening the door to Chinese finance, at the expense of the World economy. The weak dollar would be a blessing to American exporters, if America had its fair share of exporters, which it does not. The bankers complain that the dollar is not yet weak enough, and will use this as a pretext to gain control of the Chinese financial markets, so as to set them straight and further weaken the dollar. The Congress will call for protectionist measures, to counter the protectionist strategies of the Asians. That, too, might help American industry, if America had its fair share of industry, which it does not.

But what will happen if the Chinese economy really slides? And what if the bankers cut back on loans and slow the American economy on the pretext of strengthening the dollars they have deliberately weakened? How can America rebuild our industrial base under such dire conditions where American money is difficult to obtain and internationally worthless?

The Zionist Bush regime enjoys one virtue, it doesn't have any popularity to lose. Will they risk open rebellion and attack Iran, as the World economy collapses under the weight of the Zionists' warmongering? Will they be able to finance their fiasco? Will the World unite to destroy the American economy so as to prevent further Zionist aggression? Have they already done so?

I tried to warn people that if the US continued down the path of perpetual Zionist war, that the World would be forced to bury us economically so that we simply could not afford to continue to wage war. I called this the "Quiet Counter Attack" in November of 2006:

I had been warning of these events in September of 2006 (and much earlier, in fact):

It is, of course, a difficult question to answer whether our demise results from the Zionists' actions against our interests to cause us to destroy ourselves, or whether the World is quietly organizing to ruin our economy as a matter of self defense, but I believe the distinction is only apparent. The Jewish bankers want the US to fall, and with it the Goy universe. The "New World Order" is meant to be a "Jewish Utopia", in other words, a Gentile Hell.

Will Americans at long last wake up to the fact that Israel is our enemy?