Sunday, March 04, 2007

Getting Where You Want to Go

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Shia should show good will toward Sunni in Iran. Perhaps the Government of Iran could build a Sunni mosque, institute a unity holiday in the name of a Sunni figure from history, etc. Sunni should show good will toward Shia in Lebanon. Perhaps the Sunni in Lebanon could sponsor the Lebanese Government to build a Shia mosque, institute a unity holiday for a Shia figure from history, etc. Shia should show good will toward Sunni in Lebanon. Perhaps the Shia in Lebanon could sponsor the Government of Lebanon to build a Sunni mosque, institute a unity holiday for a Sunni figure from history, etc.

Promote Arab unity among the Arab People in spite of what given Arab leaders may or may not do. Keep things calm and focus on the appearance of unity. Even if you suspect that a given Arab leader is a Zionist puppet, use this to your advantage. You can listen to your enemy through his agent. You can give your enemy information, or false information, through your enemy's agent. It is unwise to blindly shut the back door to your enemy through his agents, though in many instances it may be wise to expose a stooge, but when doing so, timing is very important. The important thing is to accomplish your objective, to remain flexible, and if you can persuade an enemy agent who is operating under the guise of being an Arab leader to accomplish for you what you want done, then this person has done more for you than a friend who refuses your requests.

Trust is not an issue. There should be no need for trust nor reliance upon it from friend or foe. The issue is how to obtain objectives. Tens of millions of lives and the future of nations and world religions is at stake.

By helping the Arab People to unify, you will place pressure on Arab leaders to do what must be done to preserve Islam for all Moslems, and to preserve Moslem life from the Zionists who want to blot out the name of the "Amalekite" and "Ishmaelite" Moslems from the book of life. If it is necessary to incite the Arabs to overthrow traitorous leaders, then that can best be accomplished by strengthening Moslem unity and by working through the People, while maintaining the appearance of good relations with the selfish traitors at the top of some Arab nations. However, the best outcome, if possible, would be a slow shift in a calm atmosphere to a united Moslem World, where trade and peace lead to more trade and peace, and the economic might of Islam is united behind peace and justice for all of humanity.

Zionists have miscalculated their timing. The world economy is in trouble, and this will result in divisions in the European Union, and between America and its southern neighbors, and between America and Asia. Moslems have the opportunity to make the Middle East a calm sea in this coming storm, if only they can be united despite the Zionists' efforts to make the Middle East the flash point for their Third World War. Unite the People, and do not worry about the allegiances of the leaders, rather assume that they are working for the Zionists and make the best of the situation, for the sake of the People.

Money has a tendency to sail toward calm waters and fertile fields. Make The Gulf a calm sea and the Gulf States a fertile field for economic growth. Promote the interests of the region by buying up international media and using it in a Public Relations campaign for the region. Create advocacy programs and materials so as to counter Zionist propaganda, and so as to make it easy for people of good will in Europe and America to help the Moslems. Zionist Jews are working hard to create advocacy programs and materials to vilify Moslems and promote Israel on college campuses, in the media and in government and corporate lobbies. World Jewry's campaign against Islam must be countered, or it will appear that Moslems have no defense, though nothing could be further from the truth. If the Gulf nations were to spend some of the billions they plan to spend on armaments they will not be able to use effectively, instead on media, it would accomplish far more for their nations.

But if the time is right to expose a Zionist stooge, do not hesitate to do so. You will have the greatest success if you have a dossier of irrefutable facts and present a detailed history of events which expose the criminal traitor. The case should be overwhelming and irrefutable, if possible. That way, the criminal will have a very difficult time taking the offensive, and by being forced on the defense, will appear guilty.

This is also true with respect to the entire global Zionist agenda. A detailed report issued jointly by many Moslem nations exposing and condemning Zionist crimes against humanity would have a devastating effect on global Zionism. One book by Jimmy Carter has badly hurt Israel, I would even say mortally wounded Israel. If a number of World leaders were to speak out, and if an abundance of materials and programs were produced exposing Zionism as the criminal and genocidal enterprise that it is, it would be devastating to Zionism, and would force Israel on the defensive. It would also take the World's attention away from Iran and focus it on Israel's crimes against humanity, including the Jews.