Monday, March 12, 2007

Handing Haman the Rope with which to Hang Himself: Ahmadinejad's Head on a Uranium Platter

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is wise to remember when dealing with the Lyin' of Judah, that the cat has four paws, America, Britain, Russia and China. It is also wise to remember that the Lion of Judah and the Lion and the Sun wear the same crown, and it sits upon head of the House of the Red Shield, the bloody drape that Hugo Chavez adorns when he promises to save Latin America from the Imperialists with Marxism. They will be "saved" as Cuba was saved, as Russia was saved, as Cambodia was saved, with millions dead and millions enslaved for generations.

Russia has set up Iran by making Iran empty promises, which emboldened Iranian leadership to openly speak its mind and take an aggressive stance in response to the Zionists' attacks against Iran. The same can be said of China, though Iran was less trusting of China. Russia was the Zionists' "good cop", who manipulated Iran, who handed Iran the rope with which to hang itself. Haman has built his own gallows. Ahmadinejad, who views himself like Elijah, like John the Baptist, will be sacrificed for the Messiah. Russia gained advantage for itself by using Iran to pressure the West.

However, it is wrong to think that the West and the East represent ultimate power. The leaders of both bow down to the Jewish financiers.

The Russians set up Iran and the Iranians dutifully stuck out their necks. Now the Russians are stepping aside to make room for the executioner to do his work. The Russians are taking their position to fall into the grave next in line after the Moslems, and are waving Iran forward.

The Iranians have no real allies. That does not mean that the Iranians have no means to manipulate World politics and World public opinion.

The Israelis are using Iran's uranium enrichment program as a pretext to destroy Iran and instigate World War III and a deep world-wide depression. This is working for them, because almost no other nation on Earth wants to see Iran develop the capacity to manufacture nuclear bombs.

The Iranians could take this weapon away from the Israelis and focus attention instead on Israel's illegal aggression and its illegal nuclear arsenal. But even this would require the cooperation of the Islamic World at large in order to be successful, and the Islamic World has been so long stressed that it takes any opportunity it can to relax, when it should instead seize its rare opportunities to take the offensive against World Zionism.

It is likely that Islam would simply go back to its old habits of silence and confusion if Iran were to suddenly abandon its nuclear ambitions. World Jewry, always aggressive, would continue its attack on Iran using Hamas and Hezbullah, which Israel created, as pretexts to aggressively attack Iran.

Iran cannot fight this fight alone. It has shown enthusiasm, and as of late, flexibility. Islam must save itself by saving Iran.

Bush is raising troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan in preparation for an Israeli attack on Iran. Iran will be abandoned by almost all World players at the crucial time, and then Israel will attack.

Israel is trying to destabilize the Iranian Government with an old trick the Nazis used against Stalin. The Nazis sent Stalin falsified reports that Soviet leaders were Nazi agents. Stalin promptly executed many of his loyal leaders and did the Nazis' work for them.

Iran must combat the Mossad, as I have been saying for a very long time now, but they must also not become paranoid and do the Mossad's work for the Israelis.

Iran should also not fall into the trap of openly attacking the Russians, who have effectively provoked the Iranians. It would be wiser to give the appearance of friendship with all.

The playground of World politics is populated with the most treacherous and conniving psychopaths humanity and inhumanity can produce. Iran should trust none, and remember that outward appearances mean nothing other than to the World public, where they shape its opinions. Iran does not want to appear completely isolated, and the Russians are daring the Iranians to isolate themselves and add a few more coils of rope to the hangman's noose.

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All is not gloom and doom. Iran is doing the right thing by calling for unity and peace. It is time to steady the boat. Iran needs Moslems to use the weight of their numbers as ballast as East and West rock the Middle East.

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