Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Iran and Russia, Beware of Israel!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


Note that anyone who challenges Israel, or interferes with the plans of the "Jewish State" is usually roundly and relentlessly criticized in the Jewish controlled international press, and by Jewish controlled World "leaders". Is it not interesting that the press and "leaders" of the World have been largely silent about Russia's and China's supposed resistence to UN sanctions against Iran? This is proof that Russia and China are abiding by the wishes of World Jewry, even when they outwardly appear to be favoring Iran.

The enemies of Iran are taking a two pronged approach. Should the UN fail to impose oppressive sanctions against Iran (perhaps due to World public opinion), then Israel will enlist this "failure" as a pretext to act unilaterally against Iran in "self defense" to prevent "another Holocaust". Under this scenario, Russia and China, by pretending to favor Iran, will instead be favoring Israel.

If Russia and China agree to sanctions, then Israel will cry out that Iran is a "pariah Nation" shunned by all the World, and even America's "enemies" are against Iran and see it is a threat. If Russia and China make false promises to Iran and sell Iran enough weapons to embolden Iran—they cannot sell Iran enough conventional weapons to defend Iran—they serve Israel's interest by suckering Iranians into thinking they might be able to defend the nation. Israel and America will not hesitate to nuke Iran and they have openly threatened to do so, and there is no conventional defense against a barrage of nuclear weapons.

If Russia were a true ally of Iran, they would set up a military training center on top of Natanz replete with large numbers of Russian forces. They would also move submarines and warships into The Persian Gulf. This would prevent an American or Israeli attack on Iran. What does Russia do instead? They use the press of Russia to falsely accuse Iran of aggression against America, when it is America and Israel who are openly threatening peaceful Iran, while they use their diplomats to placate Iranian concerns behind closed doors.

Russia wants out of Bushehr. Russia knows that Iran is about to be aggressively attacked. Russia does not want to be drawn into any conflict between Israel, America and Iran. It does not want to have any vested interests in Iran to defend, nor does it want to be shamed by failing to defend its interests. Russia does not want its people killed by Americans or Israelis.

Ironically, Russia is next on the Zionist hit list after Islam, and by allowing Islam to be destroyed, Russia is severely weakening its own position. Russians, who think they are preventing World War III and the next greatest Depression by setting up Iran for World Jewry, are sadly mistaken. They are instead helping World Jewry to kill off a nation that would help to defend Russia from the coming attack.

The Iranians are wise to demand that the Russian politicians make their private assurances public, but they would be unwise to depend upon them. Excuses are quickly fabricated.