Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mainland China and Taiwan: Reconciling the Divorce

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


The Jewish bankers created the conditions which resulted in the formation of Communist Mainland China, and Taiwan—which resulted in the division of the Chinese People. For their own purposes, the Jewish bankers are presently heating up tensions between Mainland China and Taiwan, and are pitting Chinese against Chinese, in order to strengthen the Jews. The Communist Chinese want to annex Taiwan. Taiwan wants to remain independent of the Communist Chinese.

Why do the Communists want Taiwan? Why is the prospect of a unified China so abhorrent to the Taiwanese? What stands in the way of a reconciliation of the Chinese People?

Note that it is the Mainland Chinese who are insisting upon annexing Taiwan, while the Taiwanese do not want the Communists to take over their country. It would be simplistic to call this mere Communist aggression, given that nationalism no doubt plays a role and is antithetical to Communism. Therein lies the contradiction and the failure of the Mainland Chinese to accomplish their desire to unify the Chinese People.

The Mainland Chinese ought to make Red China attractive to the Taiwanese, before asking them to unify with Mainland China. Since the Communists are appealing to nationalism, they will have to abandon the Judaizing elements which lie at the root of Marxism, and which are intentionally destructive of Chinese culture and Chinese nationalism. If Red China wishes to appeal to Chinese nationalism, then Red China must itself promote, instead of destroy, Chinese culture, and the Chinese ethnicity, and the Chinese national spirit, as opposed to promoting the Jewish destruction of all Gentile culture and Gentile nationalism. Red China must also promote individual freedom. Only when it becomes more appealing to join with Mainland China, than to remain independent, will Taiwan feel a nationalistic desire to unite with the Mainland. As long as the Communists continue to destroy all things traditionally Chinese, they will have no success making a nationalistic appeal to the Taiwanese.

The Communist Chinese and the Taiwanese ought to honestly examine their history to discover what has brought them to the current crisis. Both Mao Tse-Tung and Chiang Kai-Shek were under the employ of the Jewish bankers. Both collaborated with the Imperial Japanese, who were financed and directed by the Jewish bankers, to weaken China and leave it ripe for Jewish Communist "Revolution".

Jews see themselves as the "light unto the nations". Jews believe they have a "Jewish mission" to Judaize the world. Jews are taught to subvert and ruin all other cultures, religions and nations. The Communist Revolution in China was one step in the ancient Jewish plan of ruining all Gentile societies and creating a "Jewish Utopia"; which steals all the wealth of world, destroys all nations and religions, save Israel, and which enslaves the Goyim and then genocides them.

Since there are sincere Chinese in Mainland China, who want to see the Chinese People reunited, they are obliged to work around those Chinese who are puppets of the Jewish bankers, and to curtail the corruption and degradation of the Chinese People which is Jewish Communism. There are many traitors in Mainland China. There are many dupes in Mainland China. But there are many more patriotic Chinese, who can overcome the Jewish brainwashing of Talmudic Marxism, and again become Chinese, instead of living out their lives as the puppets of World Jewry who stupidly glorify their own deliberate destruction and celebrate a Jew named Karl Marx who worked for the Rothschilds to help them ruin humanity with counterfeit liberalism.

Should the Chinese People come to know their history and the forces behind it, they will be able to unite against their common enemy, and it will indeed be an attractive option for the Taiwanese to unite with their Mainland Chinese brothers to combat World Jewry and its plan to remove China and Chinese culture from the map of history. True Chinese nationalism must be grounded in this fight to extinguish the "light unto the nations" which is burning down Chinese culture, and which will ultimately become a thousand nuclear flashs followed by a billion Chinese corpses.