Wednesday, March 14, 2007

On Whom Will It Backfire?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There are those who hope that Ahmadinejad's upcoming speech before the United Nations Security Council will backfire against Iran. They hope that Ahmadinejad will say things that can be used against the Nation of Iran. In anticipation of this outcome, the Jewish controlled media is hyping the event.

At this point, Iran has very little to lose. It will not exercise its best option, which is to cool the uranium enrichment program and then launch a political offensive against the Zionists who seek to dominate the World.

Perhaps, the Iranians will exercise their next best option and disappoint the Zionist warmongers. Ahmadinejad will take center stage in the World arena, and has the opportunity to lay bare before the World the facts and the law surrounding the illegal aggression against Iran, of which the UN is allowing itself to become a party. This must be done with irrefutable facts and irrefutable logic.

Ahmadinejad's speech should be accompanied by published materials spelling out the facts, and, more importantly, a dramatic video presentation narrated by Ahmadinejad with English subtitles. Iran should make good use all of the notoriety the Jewish controlled media has given Ahmadinejad as a personality, and make it backfire against the Israelis by focusing in on their aggression against their peaceful neighbors.

Also point out the millions dead from sanctions in Iraq and North Korea, millions of innocents. Point out that the UN has become a tool which the US and Britain have used to cut off the lives of helpless people. Point out that the UN is being made into a Maffia, which extorts obedience to illegal demands, demands made by Israel and its subverted states.

The case law for "Malicious Prosecution" and "Vindictive Prosecution" in the United States establishes many good precedents and logical arguments that can be quoted in support of Iran's position (see, for example: U.S. Supreme Court, BLACKLEDGE v. PERRY, 417 U.S. 21 (1974).) It is illegal for a prosecutor to punish a person for exercising his or her rights. The Israelis want to punish Iran for exercising its rights under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The punishment they seek is not only baseless, it is hypocritical, and if it indeed had a basis, which it does not, it would represent selective enforcement and prosecution, in that Israel has covertly and illegally manufactured an arsenal of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and the UN takes no action against them.

The Iranians might want to raise the issue of coercion in addition to the issue of illegal American and Israeli aggression. Lawful contracts and legally binding negotiations cannot occur in a climate of coercion and duress, such as exists where the US is threatening Iran with a warships and the threat of "leaving all options on the table" in an historical context in which the US has made such threats to Iraq and then attacked Iraq, creating a reasonable expectation among Iranians that the US is threatening them with attack. Israeli officials have made open threats to attack Iran, and whether it be as a first resort or last resort makes the threat no less of a threat. These illegal threats are direct violations of the UN Charter.

The press is reporting that the US is using intimidation tactics to coerce Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf. This establishes the fact that the nations of the World composing the United Nations are under threat, and the process is therefore tainted and illegal. These threats also violate international law.

In conclusion, Ahmadinejad's speech could go very well for Iran, and in any event Iran stands to lose little if it will not change course on the nuclear issue. I again urge the Iranians to provide supplemental materials to make their case clear and grounded in irrefutable facts and cited legal authority. I again urge the Iranians to produce documentary films documenting and exposing Israeli and Zionist crimes against humanity and their criminal open aggression against Iran. The Lebanese and Palestinians, and other Peoples under threat of imminent attack, should do likewise. The larger the chorus, the further you will be heard above the din of the Jewish controlled mass media.