Thursday, March 15, 2007

Iranians Should Reframe the Debate

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ahmadinejad's rhetoric is flawed, in that it appears inflexible and aggressive, most especially so when quoted out of context by the Jewish controlled media. Ahmadinejad should make an occasional joke of the fact that the media misquotes him, and say something like, "Now you have all heard me say how I would like to resolve this matter, civilly, peacefully and reasonably, but watch how the media will quote part of what I said before and leave all of this out." Ahmadinejad often makes harsh and true statements, which he follows up with extraordinarily benevolent statements. The media quotes the harsh statements without reference to Ahmadinejad's benevolent statements, and the President has every right, and ought to, call the media to task.

Instead of stating that no sanctions will ever work, which gives the green light to the Israelis to attack Iran on the pretext that there will be no negotiated settlement, Ahmadinejad should state that the process is tainted, illegal and unjust, and is, therefore, unenforceable by all modern human standards of civilized conduct and law.

Perhaps the most important step needed to reframe the debate is to stop speaking of Iran's inability to comply with illegal requests as if they come out of a vacuum. Iran will find few allies if it continues to speak of its defense of its rights under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty as if that alone is what is at stake for Islam, and as if this is the first Zionist attack on Islam. Not only do most Moslems not care about Iran's rights under the Treaty, they do not want to see Iran develop nuclear technology.

Iran must make it clear that they are defending their rights and all of Islam from an ongoing and highly destructive campaign by the Zionists to attack all Moslem nations and strip them of their rights, and that this overall campaign to destroy Islam and dehumanize and degrade Moslems must be stopped at some point and Iran is taking a stand now on behalf of all Moslems and all civilized human beings. Ahmadinejad should point out that the Zionists have taken the Palestinians' land. That they have bombed Lebanon and Iraq into ruins. That they have plans to destroy all of Islam. That this current attack on Iran is part of an overall Zionist strategy to destroy Islam one nation at a time, if possible, and in a massive conflagration, if necessary. If Ahmadinejad makes these minor adjustments to his rhetoric, his speeches will no longer play into the Zionists' hands, but will instead put the Zionists on the defensive and unite Moslems in their common struggle for survival.

Ultimately, if the Moslems themselves are not willing to draw a line in the sand and say enough to Zionist aggression on Iran's nuclear issue, then Iran must refocus on the Palestinian issue, which is a far more winnable strategy, and which has a greater chance of uniting Moslems and the rest of the World against Zionist aggression and subversion.

The things Ahmadinejad says about the UN are true and play well to powerless nations, but do not play well with powerful nations. However, if Ahmadinejad's accusations were to be supported by published factual material, and video documentaries, which established the truth of his assertions, then Ahmadinejad would more successfully convince citizens of the powerful nations of the justice and accuracy of his accusations against corrupt international bodies, which only serve the interests of a minority of humanity, to the detriment of most.

Lastly, play down the effect of the sanctions, because they are illegal and the product of corruption; as opposed to challenging the enemy to take harsher steps against Iran. Always propose a civilized and legal method of resolving the crisis.