Friday, March 23, 2007

Spotlight on Israel, Postponement and the Power the Media Have Given Ahmadinejad

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Iran has no nuclear weapons. Iran's leaders have openly stated that nuclear weapons are antithetical to Islam and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Despite terrible efforts by the Zionists to manufacture evidence, there exists no credible evidence that Iran seeks to acquire nuclear weapons.

The American Zionists are worried that with all of the build up the media has given to Ahmadinejad's plans to speak before the UNSC, his speech might backfire on the Zionist Regime; in that Israel has nuclear weapons, has threatened to use them, and has threatened to destroy humanity with them viz. the notorious "Samson Option", not to mention Israel's Ambassador to the UN's declaration that the Zionists are fighting "World War Three". The Zionists are worried that Ahmadinejad will seize the opportunity to focus attention on the criminal Zionist enterprise known as Israel and the threat it poses to humanity.

Though the neo-Conservative Zionists who run the Bush Regime hope that Ahmadinejad will provide them with ammunition to use against the peaceful nation of Iran, they fear that he may instead call attention to Israel's criminal activities. To allow Ahmadinejad to speak entails a risk for the Zionists.

On the other hand, Ahmadinejad has provided the Jewish controlled media with weapons to use against Iran. Iran runs a risk that this may occur should Ahmadinejad speak. Even with the best of intentions, things can, and do, sometimes go awry.

Manouchehr Mottaki, Foreign Affairs Minister of Iran, is a highly competent diplomat, with a firm grasp of the issues and the ability to effectively communicate Iran's position. He does not, for better or worse, command the international attention which Ahmadinejad is given by the Jewish controlled media. If he speaks for Iran at the UNSC, it will help Iran, but not greatly. Iran's objective is first and foremost to gain points in the arena of World public opinion. The UNSC is actually a secondary concern, because it has been so thoroughly corrupted by the Zionists.

If Mottaki does well, it will be a minor victory for Iran, and should he do poorly, it would really be no loss given the Zionist bias of the permanent members of the UNSC. To have Mottaki speak is the safe path. However, if Ahmadinejad were to do well and give a factual and legal argument that cannot be refuted, and were to shine a bright spotlight on Israel's crimes against humanity and Israel's nuclear program, and were to give a speech of the quality of his last speech at the UN, then it would be a major triumph for Iran. If he were to stumble, Iran would lose little it has not already lost, and it should consider changing quarterbacks.

If it were my decision, I would have Ahmadinejad give the speech. I would film it, and if it goes well, turn it into a documentary documenting Mordecai Vanunu's struggle to expose Israel's covert nuclear weapons program, and Israel's crimes against humanity, as well as the neo-Conservatives decades old strategy to destroy Islam and all of the crimes Israel, Britain and America have committed against the Palestinians, the Lebanese, the Iraqis, the Afghanistanis, etc. But then, I am a gambler, and prudence may be the wiser choice. However, if Ahmadinejad speaks at the UNSC and emphasizes Israel's crimes against humanity, then the media will be afraid to attack Ahmadinejad for fear of exposing Israel! This is the best protection Iran has, to accuse Israel and International Zionism of their demonstrable crimes, and let the media dare to echo the accusations!

Iran has the option of asking the UNSC to postpone the vote until such time as Ahmadinejad and his team have the opportunity to arrive. In any event, it will be good to have either Mottaki or the President speak. I again suggest publishing supplemental materials to support Iran's arguments and producing a documentary to expose the Zionists' crimes. Even if Ahmadinejad speaks and it appears to go poorly, his notoriety can then be used to promote a documentary exposing the history of Zionist crimes against humanity, including the Jews.

Learn from the movie "300" that film has great power to shape public opinion. In American presidential politics, short, silly videos posted on YouTube are seen by millions and promise to sway the election. A professionally done Iranian documentary with Ahmadinejad's name on it would be seen by tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions world-wide. Film can be edited, points can be dramatically emphasized, and there is no better means to garner sympathy for the Islamic cause. Show Ahmadinejad meeting with Sunni, Christian and Jewish leaders, and promote peace and civilized dialogue in an atmosphere of respect and brotherhood.

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