Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Syria Should Also Speak to the UNSC

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


There have been a number of revelations over the past several months disclosing Zionist plans, in Israel and among Zionists outside of Israel, for Israel to aggressively attack the peaceful nation of Syria. These revelations disclose the continuation of much older Zionist plans to attack and destroy Syria. These aggressive war plans violate International Law. Syria might want to consider speaking before the UNSC to formally complain of this Zionist campaign to wage aggressive war against Syria. They might also wish to speak before the council in its deliberations of the draft resolution proposing additional sanctions against Iran. It will be in Syria's interest to raise these objections now, so as to establish an abundance of evidence of the criminal Zionist conspiracy to illegally destroy the Moslem nations of the Middle East. In any event, Syria ought to study the Zionist statements, plans, proposals and admissions, document them and file formal charges in the UN against those who threaten Syria.

Egypt, too, is increasingly becoming the target of Zionist aggression. Egyptians should survey and record Zionist threats against Egypt, many of which are openly made via the Jewish controlled media. Moslems should inundate the UNSC with formal complaints of illegal Zionist aggression, so that the Zionists are unable to isolate and destroy one country at a time, but instead succeed only in isolating themselves from all civilized and sane human beings.