Friday, March 02, 2007

Top Level Iranian-Saudi Dialogue

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

With luck, President Ahmadinejad will meet with King Abdullah on Saturday for historic talks aimed at achieving regional stability and the advancement of international Islamic interests. Both leaders would be very happy to see The Gulf demilitarized. Both would be very happy to see Iraq stabilized and unified in a just and equitable, and most importantly, peaceful way.

Many issues will be discussed and Ahmadinejad will enthusiastically speak of the wonderful prospects for both nations and for the region if the Saudis and Iranians were to cooperate. The Saudis will agree that there is great potential, but they will suggest that the first step should be to cool off the international situation by cooling uranium enrichment until things stabilize. Indeed, this is not bad advice, but it is not going to happen.

Iran should not at all be discouraged by this natural reaction, and should assure the Saudis that Iran would most happy to negotiate with them to provide them with guarantees that they have nothing to fear from Iran's nuclear program and that the Saudis may wish to profit from it in many ways, but that this issue should not distract from the other important issues of stabilizing the region by stabilizing Iraq and by asserting Moslem unity and Islamic strength, especially in The Gulf. The needs of the Palestinians, Lebanese and Iraqis trump this issue for the moment, and can best be resolved by having the Saudis and Iranians cooperate to bring peace and prosperity to these nations. This cooperation will set the stage for even better things to come and will bring both nations prestige and good will. The Iranians want nothing but friendship with the Saudis and this is the only tree that will bear good fruit in the future.

As stability increases, interest in the Middle East will increase, and tourism and investment capital will flow into the region like never before. If the dark days of Zionist warmongering can be put behind the Moslem Peoples, they can turn their attention to massive and profitable land improvement, waterways, and transportation projects. They can sponsor a new era of trade and tourism. Their political power will grow immensely, as well as their institutions of higher education, industry and agriculture. The Gulf is a beautiful place and Iranians and Saudis can share it and develop it for their mutual benefit and for the benefit of the world.

The really pressing issue at the moment is Iraq and formulating a positive plan to put the Iraqis to work building their nation, building their pride and building their future. If the Iraqis see that the Saudis and Iranians have joined together as Moslem brothers, in no small part to help the Iraqis, this will give the Iraqis great hope and a positive point of departure. In turn, the increased stability that will come to the region when Iraq is a set on a positive course for independence and rejuvenation, will profit the Iranians and the Saudis, and will bring money to the region, which is today scared off by the turbulent conditions. The image of King Abdullah and President Ahmadinejad embracing one another as Moslem brothers can become a powerful positive symbol and the basis for the unification of the Iraqi nation in an atmosphere of brotherhood, cooperation and hope. Let the world press capture this image and tell the world that the Iranians and Saudis are working together to help the Iraqis work together for a better future for all Moslems and for all mankind.