Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wake the World With Documentaries, and Criminally and Civilly Prosecute Zionist Lawbreakers

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The PA should expose Zionist crimes against humanity with professionally produced documentaries for all the World to see. The camera is the best defense the Palestinians have against Zionist aggression, and the Zionists know it and have relentlessly violated the fundamental human rights of journalists and non-journalists to document Zionist atrocities on "film".

Zionist Rabbi Meir Kahane once stated,

"[I]f I were the Prime Minister, the cameras wouldn't have been allowed in there, and no one would have seen anything."Rabbi Meir Kahane, in an interview with Barry Farber, "Section", Rabbi Kahane Audio, "Kahane vs. Lenny Brenner",,, about 9 minutes, 11 seconds into the interview.

The Lebanese ought to join with the Palestinians and expose Israeli atrocities and criminally prosecute those responsible for Zionist criminal offenses against the human race. Moslems cannot depend upon others to serve them justice. They must act on their own behalf. If the Moslem World makes a concerted effort to document and prosecute Israel crimes against humanity—should Moslems place the horror of Israeli crimes before the eyes of the World public and the courts—then World public opinion, already antagonistic towards Israel, will become decidedly pro-Moslem. No right-minded person can witness the Zionist attacks on women and children and be unsympathetic to their plight at the hands of the Israeli Government. At long last, the World will feel sympathy for Moslems in their struggle to defend themselves from aggressive International Zionism.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has admitted that the illegal aggressive Israeli attack on Lebanon last summer was a premeditated act. Former American Ambassador to the UN John Bolton has admitted that the US and Britain refused to act against the Zionist Regime to end its illegal attack on Lebanon, until it was clear that Israel's aggression had failed to achieve its objectives. International bodies have had the responsibility to prosecute the Zionists for decades, but have failed to do so because they are thoroughly corrupted by undue Zionist influence.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mottaki revealed the recent Zionist corruption of the UNSC,

"To give this scheme a semblance of international legitimacy, its initiators first manipulated the IAEA board of governor and -- as they acknowledged themselves -- 'coerced' some of its members to vote against Iran in the board, and then have taken advantage of their substantial economic and political power to pressurize and manipulate the UNSC to adopt three unwarranted resolutions within eight months."Iranian Foreign Affairs Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, as quoted in "IRI's N-program completely peaceful", Islamic Republic of IRAN Broadcasting,, (25 March 2007).

Iranian President Ahmadinejad denounced Zionist bias,

"Why are the European statesmen so sensitive about the Zionists while so many Palestinians are killed everyday and 5 million Palestinians remain homeless for years?"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as quoted in "World Has Changed, No One Gives In to Literature of Force", Fars News Agency,, (24 March 2007).

Due to Zionist bias and corruption, Moslems will have to take the initiative to expose and prosecute the crimes which Zionists are committing against them. It would be wise for predominantly Moslem governments and organizations to produce documentary films showing Zionist violence and other abuse. They should also join forces to prosecute Zionist atrocities in the courts.

Document the long standing and open Zionist plans to destroy Moslem Peoples. Create an overwhelming international public sentiment that the Israelis and International Zionists must be punished for these crimes for the sake of humanity and justice.

The PA should protest the Israeli intimidation, murder, and restriction of journalists, and of all persons who capture Zionist crimes on "film". There should be international protections for freedom of the press, freedom of speech and freedom of property, which rights are regularly violated when Israeli citizens, soldiers and police insist that persons capturing Israeli crimes turn off their cameras, and/or the Zionist forces illegally seize these cameras and arrest, or murder, the journalists.

In the News:

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