Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A War Plan Waiting for a Pretext: Israel's Illegal Aggressive War on Lebanon

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has revealed that Israel planned its aggressive war on Lebanon in March of 2006, several months before the barbaric Israeli attack took place in July of 2006. Olmert admitted that in these Israeli plans the capture of IDF soldiers would serve as a pretext for a broad offensive war against Israel's northern neighbor.

Within hours after Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev were captured by Hezbullah on 12 July 2006, Olmert seized on the opportunity to attack Lebanon, pursuant to plans made months before these IDF soldiers were captured. This prompts the question, were these soldiers set up so as to provide the Israeli Government with a spurious pretext to attack Lebanon?

Of course, the capture of two soldiers is not just grounds for the massive assault Israel made against Lebanon. In addition, Israel decided to attack Lebanon without first pursuing a comprehensive diplomatic solution. The criminal "Jewish State" instead eagerly pounded much of Lebanon into dust, just as it had planned to do months before two of its soldiers were taken.

In the News:

PM: Plan for Lebanon war made months in advance

The World community has yet to demand justice for the murdered of Lebanon. The war was a boon to the Israeli economy. The profiteers are lined up to profit from the Israeli destruction of Lebanese property.

The vile and cowardly Israelis attacked the Lebanese with white phosphorous and cluster bombs. Israelis have admitted that there are Israeli plans to aggressively attack Iran with nuclear weapons. The World must demand that Israel answer for its criminal attacks and criminal threats. We must force Israel to disarm and make the price of its aggression so high that Israel will not again dare to attack another nation.

It was only World public opinion which forced Israel to end its attack on the essentially defenseless Lebanese. Today, Israel is genociding the Palestinians with a strangling siege. Malnourished Palestinian children are suffering irreparable harm from this unprovoked Israeli aggression. How many more helpless civilians will die before aggressive Israel is forced to stop killing its neighbors? How many more helpless civilians will die before barbaric Israel is forced to give up its chemical, biological and nuclear weapons?