Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Allen Esterson's Fallacies and Fictions

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


Desanka Trbuhovic-Gjuric, Dord Krstic, Senta Troemel-Ploetz, Evan Harris Walker, Margarete Maurer and I, among others, have accumulated abundant evidence that Mileva Maric, Albert Einstein's first wife, was co-author, or the sole author, of the prominent papers published under Albert Einstein's name in 1905. Allen Esterson has comparatively recently entered into this debate. His attempts to deny Mileva Maric's role are largely built on fallacies and fictions. As I discovered only very recently, Esterson has smeared me with defamatory remarks at the following website:

http://cosmiclog.msnbc.msn.com. . .

I have begun to respond with the following two posts:

"It appears that Allen Esterson opts to shoot the messenger with unproven defamations in order to avoid the truthful message I am telling. Note that Mr. Esterson does not provide links to my rebuttal of John Stachel's irresponsible and discredited "hit piece", which response can be found here:


"The Author of Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist Responds to John Stachel's Personal Attack." Has John Stackel ever retracted the untruths he has written about my book? Far from being anti-Semitic, I am Jewish and oppose all forms of racism, including Zionist racism. John Stachel himself has written that Albert Einstein was a racist, (I am quoting a citation from my book http://www.jewishracism.com/SaintEinstein.htm "The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein" on page 11, which quotes J. Stachel, "Einstein's Jewish Identity", Einstein from 'B' to 'Z', Birkhauser, Boston, Basel, Berlin, (2002), pp. 57-83, at 68), "While he lived in Germany, however, Einstein seems to have accepted the then-prevalent racist mode of thought, often invoking such concepts as 'race' and 'instinct,' and the idea that the Jews form a race." Stachel errs in asserting that I endorse the theory of relativity, if indeed that is what Stachel claims. If that is not what Stachel claims, then his unproven and unsupported empty assertions are meaningless. Stachel does not argue against what I have actually said, rather Stachel raises strawmen of John Stachel's manufacture to knock down. In addition to my refutations, John Stachel has been also been discredited by A. A. Logunov, and others:

In Russian:


In English:


"How were the Hilbert – Einstein equations discovered?"

I have published a chapter on Mileva Einstein-Marity in my book http://www.jewishracism.com/SaintEinstein.htm "The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein": www.jewishracism.com/SaintEinsteinChapter18a.pdf Chapter 18: Mileva Einstein-Marity. Another relevant chapter in my book is: www.jewishracism.com/SaintEinsteinChapter4a.pdf Chapter 4: Einstein the Racist Coward. On page 597 of the book (page 184 of the pdf), there are quotations which prove, to quote Kurt Blumenfeld, Albert Einstein's, "revulsion from assimilatory Jewry." If you attempt to censor my response, I will raise the issue elsewhere and note that I have been censored by you. I give you notice that you are publishing defamations against me and I demand that you immediately remove them."

"In the brief paragraph he has published to defame me, Allen Esterson has violated several fundamental rules of ethical argumentation. He has name-called. He has relied upon emotion, instead of upon logical and factual substantive argument. He has expressed defamatory innuendo. He has repeated, and linked to, discredited statements made against me, and failed to inform his readers of my rebuttal. He has failed to state the reasons and evidence I present to substantiate my claims, and has in no substantive way attempted to answer my claims. His attack is a shallow intellectual grave he has dug for himself, and in which he lies interned.

Let me state again that I am a Jew who opposes all forms of racism including Zionist racism. Esterson's gutless attempts to change the subject, and shoot the messenger with a false personal attack, are reprehensible. I note that Esterson does not condemn Albert Einstein's well-known and well-documented racism, which even John Stachel has acknowledged. How can Esterson presume to be an authority on things "Einstein" when he was evidently unaware of Einstein's virulent racism and segregationist beliefs, and even thinks that by citing my exposure of Einstein's racism, he can discredit me?

Like the racist Zionist Theodor Herzl, Albert Einstein believed that anti-Semitism is good for Jews, in that it promotes Jewish segregation. Like ancient Jewish racists (Exodus 34:16. Deuteronomy 7:2-3. Ezra 9. Nehemiah 9:2; 13:3, 23-30), Einstein believed that Jews should not marry "Goyim", though he himself had married a Gentile. Like the racist Zionist segregationists of his day, including Israel Zangwill, Jakob Klatzkin and Ignatz Zollschan, Albert Einstein loathed Jewish assimilation and assimilationists. Esterson's apparent ignorance of these facts, which I have thoroughly documented in book "The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein" http://www.jewishracism.com/SaintEinstein.htm , goes far towards discrediting him as an "Einstein scholar". Albert Einstein was the most famous racist Zionist of his age and I have documented that he was used and promoted by influential Zionists in order to promote the racist Zionist cause, especially in America. Most Jews of his age were far more enlightened than the "genius" Albert Einstein, and vehemently opposed the Zionists. If Esterson wishes to contest these facts, let him try. In so doing, he will be forced to acknowledge his embarrassing ignorance of the subject he has pretended to address as a scholar.

Esterson again reveals his unfamiliarity with the history of the theory of relativity and of the biography of Albert Einstein, when he asserts that it is "startling" that I should accuse the Einsteins of the plagiarism of the work of their unacknowledged predecessors. I note that Esterson fails to address my arguments in the alternative with respect to Mileva Maric's role in the plagiarism.

Is Esterson unaware of the fact that Einstein was accused of the plagiarism of the works of Hendrik Antoon Lorentz, Henri Poincare, Paul Gerber, David Hilbert, Johann Georg von Soldner, and many others, throughout Einstein's career? In this context it is noteworthy that Stachel misrepresents the majority of the substantial criticisms Einstein faced, in order to raise a strawman to knock down. In point of fact, Einstein was criticized for plagiarizing the works of others through fallacy of petitio principii, and thereby of creating unacceptable metaphysical delusions, which plagiarized the mathematical formalisms, as well as the more lucid metaphysical expositions, of his unacknowledged predecessors. For example, Einstein was criticized for copying the mathematical formalisms of Woldemar Voigt, FitzGerald, Larmor, Lorentz and Poincare in the misnamed "Lorentz Transformation", and the metaphysical expositions of Poincare defining relative simultaneity, and the relative nature of time and space. Einstein stood accused of turning the scientific theories of better minds into metaphysical delusions. While I acknowledge that Lorentz, Poincare, and others outshone the Einsteins as intellectuals, I do not agree with their relevant theories, nor would I argue that they are sound. Clearly, I am not to answer for John Stachel's misrepresentations of the history, nor am I to answer for the fictional beliefs he attributes to others. I will ask, though, why do these facts so easily elude our expert, Allen Esterson?

As time permits, I will rebut Esterson's fallacies and fictions regarding the Maric-Einstein priority dispute. He is apparently woefully ignorant of much of the evidence in this dispute, and his argumentation is terribly and fatally flawed, as I will prove."

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