Sunday, April 01, 2007

April's Foolish: The Tales of Three Blind Mice

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Israel is being destroyed by three Zionist stooges, George W. Bush, Tony Blair and Angela Merkel.

Following the Second World War, one of the many negative legacies of the Bolshevik Zionist Adolf Hitler was the spread of Communism to Eastern Europe and the dissolution of Germany, which Zionist Jews had been planning since before the First World War. At the close of the European war, Germany was divided into occupied zones. Eastern Germany was stolen by the Soviets, who made it into a Soviet-dominated Communist nation.

While West Germany experienced the post-war "Wirtschaftswunder", East Germans became childish, lazy and docile. When Germany reunified, West Germany began to decline. Angela Merkel was an East German.

Angela Merkel scurries around the world promoting Israeli interests, much to the detriment of German and European interests. She is as much of a Zionist stooge as are Bush and Blair. Ironically, these three blind Zionist mice, and the growing list of Zionist lemmings leading the governments of the world, are pushing Israel off the cliff. As has so often happened in the past, the corruption, arrogance, and seemingly incurable animosity of World Jewry towards the Goyim, is bringing the world into escalating wars. As has so often happened in the past, this is likely to result in severe suffering for masses of Jews and the end of the Jewish military occupation of the Land of Palestine.

The Jews have never claimed to be the original inhabitants of the land they today call "Israel", though they have always claimed that the theft of this land was their lease on life. The Jews always stated that they were an aggressive, invasive, and genocidal People, who stole the land and massacred the natives and pushed them off of their native land. Many Jews pride themselves on Jewish consistency and endurance through the ages.

They are taught to rejoice in the destruction of their enemies. Many Jews take pride in, even rejoice in, Jewish suffering. Unfortunately, the friends World Jewry have purchased at the expense of the human race are about to deliver the Jews of the World into the worst wave of anti-Jewish hatred the World has ever seen. This is by Zionist design. In Judaic myth, two-thirds of the Jews must die. The Jews have an ancient eugenics plan. They pass their own through the fires of Hell in order to purify themselves of their weaklings.

The Judaists, the Judases, are preparing a mass cemetery for their brethren. It is called the "Jewish State". Graves have always held a mystic importance to Jews. They are taught that Jewish bones from around the World will one day crawl through the Earth to Jerusalem. If the Zionist stooges World Jewry has placed on the warmongering thrones of Europe and America persist in their genocidal meddling and incompetent bungling, the dry and smoking bones of Israel will have a short trip through to the netherworld.

We can and must prevent this tragedy, if only for the sake of the innocent children—if only for the sake of ourselves.