Thursday, April 26, 2007

Articles of Impeachment Against Richard B. Cheney

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Our national honor demands that we impeach and remove from office the warmongering Zionist criminal Dick Cheney. Our national survival demands that we thwart the Zionist criminals' plans to illegally and aggressively attack Iran. Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich has provided us with a means to protect ourselves. Our enemies will not help him, or us. We must protect ourselves and support Kucinich.

I have seen "journalists" personally attack Kucinich, but I have not seen the allegations against Cheney refuted in any way. The proposed Articles of Impeachment are specific charges, which fully inform Cheney of the accusations made against him, and which merit Cheney's impeachment and removal from office. If the American People support Kucinich, it will have a severe chilling effect on the Zionists' plans to attack Iran. Regardless of whether or not Bush is also impeached, or even whether or not Cheney is ultimately impeached and then removed from office, the charges alone apply pressure against the warmongers. Do not worry that Pelosi, due to the negligence of my fellow Americans, is next in line to replace Cheney and Bush and become President. If Bush and Cheney are removed the signal will be so strong, and the message so clear, that Zionist Pelosi will not dare to attack Iran. Please, support Kucinich in his courageous move to impeach Dick Cheney.

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