Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Backlash Has Already Begun: The Brits Divide Themselves in Their Haste to Vilify Iranians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The British must be careful. One demonstrable lie, one mistake, one exaggeration, and the already strained credibility of the UK will go down the drain. And for what? The mature and responsible thing to do is take the opportunity of the humanitarian, good will gesture of the Iranians in freeing the famous fifteen to improve the lot of Britain and the World, not to escalate tensions and create provocations as the Zionist Blair regime is so eager to do.

The British are good natured, civilized and dignified people. What their government is doing under the Zionist Blair is beneath the British and the dignity of their military. The Iranians have yet to respond, but if they are forced to, their response is apt to further humiliate the British, who are already doing a fair job of humiliating themselves. The British public ought to join with Iranians and fight back against the slimy Israelis who are threatening the very existence of both Peoples.

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