Monday, April 16, 2007

Colonel Robert R. McCormick

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ron Grossman capsulized former Chicago Tribune publisher Colonel Robert R. McCormick's views on the subjects of WW II, FDR, the UN and Communism,

"Long after the defeat of Hitler and the Nazis, the Colonel told radio listeners that our GIs had fought and died in World War II 'not for the salvation of the United States' but because FDR had been hoodwinked by the British and Russians. Although he recognized the evil of Hitler, he opposed the U.S. getting involved overseas, right up to Pearl Harbor. He held that 'the United Nations was formed as a fake to fool people as to Roosevelt's real reason for going to war,' which was to make the world safe for British imperialism and Soviet communism."—R. Grossman, "The Colonel's World", Chicago Tribune Magazine, (27 March 2005), pp. 12-16, 20, 25-26, 28-29, at 14.