Friday, April 27, 2007

Democrats Debate

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Barack Obama did very well. He could not have handled the questions with greater ease if they had been provided to him in advance. Barack Obama was asked who are America's three most important allies in the World. He reasonably responded that the EU and Japan represent our strongest allies. The moderator jumped on Obama for not naming Israel.

Obama is worrisome because he will oblige the Israelis' bloodlust to destroy Iran and instigate World War III. Furthermore, Obama took a very circuitous route to the US Senate. The Senate race which placed him center stage was bizarre, culminating in a race between Barack Obama and Bill Kristol's friend Alan Keyes, who was brought in from out of state and who repeatedly made an ass of himself. Obama had to win and he did.

None of the other candidates endorsed Kucinich's move to impeach Cheney. Kucinich did well. His warnings and his attempts to protect the American People will unfortunately be vindicated when it is too late to heed his advice.

Edwards did poorly. He was unanimated, enervated. Clinton, too, appeared scripted and her voice was annoying. These people are actors, not great minds, not great leaders. They are puppets. The candidates with the best chance of winning, at present, are anti-Iranian and want to use our troops in Iraq to attack Iran. They represent the Jewish bankers, not the American People.

Mike Gravel strongly opposed an attack on Iran and expressly warned the American People that the puppets want to nuke Iran.

Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate (video)