Friday, April 06, 2007

Don't Let the Media off the Hook for its Collaboration with the Zionist Bush Regime in Ginning up the Iraq War Based on Obvious Lies

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The anti-war internet community should take the media to task for needlessly ginning up a war against Iran, just as the Jewish controlled media worked in fascist lock step with the Zionist Bushkovites to lead America to aggressively and illegally attack Iraq. The Jewish controlled media is the fourth estate of the fifth column of Israel-first infiltrators and traitors who are deliberately destroying America for the benefit of Israel. Do not let it be forgotten that the media played a leading role in pushing Americans to mass murder millions of innocent Iraqis. America is only beginning to pay the cost for this genocidal crime against humanity.

Let it not be forgotten that the Jewish controlled media is the agent of the worst enemy America has ever faced, the Nation of Israel. Their goal is to lead us to attack and mass murder innocent human beings who have done us no harm. The Jewish controlled media is indoctrinating Americans to hate and mass murder innocent human beings. They are robbing us of our youth, our treasure, our humanity, our morality, our sovereignty, our sanity and our future. They are poisoning our gene pool and our environment with depleted uranium and other toxins. They are poisoning our minds with a propaganda campaign meant to dehumanize and vilify innocent Moslems. They are poisoning humanity with perpetual war.