Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Israeli Subversion of American Politics: Americans and Arabs, as Always, Mere Pawns of the "Jewish State"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Whose interests rule the American Government? With a crew of Zionist traitors holding the reins of power in America, Israel's interests supercede every other consideration for the soulless harlots in Washington. Americans and Arabs better awaken to the fact that the Israelis plan to use Americans and Arabs to mass murder Iranians. Then the Israelis will have the Americans mass murder the Arabs, Sunni as well as Shia, again.

The Sunnis are being lured into a trap. The Israelis want to use the Sunnis to kill off the Shia. This is why the Americans are pretending to want to help the Palestinians. They play the same game everytime they attack a Moslem nation. They destroy Moslem unity against Zionist aggression by falsely promising that a Palestinian solution will soon be found. They always renege on their promises and blame the Palestinians themselves for the Zionist treachery.

If they succeed in destroying Iran, the Israelis will use the American "Christian" Zionists to kill off the Sunnis. Then they will mass murder all Moslems in Jerusalem, and build a Jewish Temple on the site of the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque. World Jewry will only arm their target nations enough to embolden them to engage in war which will weaken them. World Jewry will then destroy their target nations. The Israelis have targeted Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Jordan, etc. for extermination, as well as Iran.

Sunnis must join with Shia to resist the common Israeli enemy that wants to exterminate all Moslems. World Jewry is issuing vile propaganda in the United States meant to dehumanize Moslems. The Judaists have even coined a new smear word, "Islamist", which racist Jews use to degrade Moslems. Moslems must form a united front against this existential threat coming from Israel to kill all Moslems. Americans must rise against the Israeli subversion of our government and media.

Israel is the enemy of humanity. If we begin to fight back, they will be quickly defeated.

Israel is at its weakest and most vulnerable point since its inception. If the Arabs unite with the Iranians and hold a strong and united line for peace and justice, Israel will collapse from within from the damning weight of its unholy hatred of the World. Moslems unite and watch Israel sink into Hell.

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