Friday, April 27, 2007

Israelis Plan Further Attacks on Arabs, Scapegoat Arabs for Jewish Aggression

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

History has shown that when Israelis warn that Israel is about to be attacked, the reality is that Israel and/or the United States is about to attack a Moslem nation. I have been warning for some time now, that the Israelis are not going to end their genocidal aggression against their neighbors after they destroy Iran and Syria. The Israelis also want to utterly destroy Egypt, Lebanon, the Palestinians, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lybia, etc. Greater Israel extends from the Nile to the Euphrates. Jewish messianic hegemony covers the entire globe.

In the News:

MK Shteinitz: Egypt May Be Planning a Pan-Arab Attack

Israeli MK: Egypt could attack us again

Massive IDF war games simulate conflict with Syria

MK Hasson: Israel faces second war of independence against Israeli Arabs

IDF prepares for Syrian attack on Golan

Israeli, US intellectuals chart new rules of war for insurgencies