Friday, April 06, 2007

Media Campaign Against Iran Will Likely Backfire with a Revival of the Exposure of Abu Garib Horrors

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The campaign by the media and the British Government to vilify the Iranians, as opposed to celebrating the peaceful and prompt end of the crisis over the famous fifteen, is likely to backfire on the Brits and drive a wedge between Great Britain and America. The prolonged captivity, brutal treatment including rape and murder, which Western powers have inflicted upon innocent Moslems stands in stark contrast to the comparatively benign and brief treatment the Brits received in Iran.

The British are likely to state that the Americans are responsible for the atrocities at Abu Garib and elsewhere. This will create a division between British and Americans. The Americans have already scoffed at the actions of the British Military, thereby distancing Americans from the British. In their haste to vilify the Iranians, the bungling British are only succeeding in digging themselves deeper into a pit of humiliation.

There is a far more mature and civilized way to deal with this situation. The British should celebrate the fact that "all's well that end's well" and take this opportunity to better relations with Iran, instead of gobbling up sour grapes and enduring the gastric torture which is certain to follow. The Moslem World has yet to play its cards in humiliating the British, and things will go badly for the image of the former Empire if they continue to attack Islam without cause.

Of course, this contrived post-de-escalation escalation is exactly what the Jewish controlled media wants to create. The British public should insist that the British Government not fall into the trap which World Jewry is setting for the British and the Iranians.