Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Norman Finkelstein Is a Disappointment

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


I suppose it would be unduly harsh to call Norman Finkelstein a sophist. Most sophists ply their craft with a bit more skill than Finkelstein can muster, and it is therefore unfair to lump them all together with him. Finkelstein tends to rely on personal attack, often in the form of backhanded compliments, and when that fails him, he patronizes, lectures, minimizes, whines, changes the subject, serves up non sequitur after non sequitur, and otherwise avoids the issues which he finds uncomfortable. He reminds me of Noam Chomsky. Both often face off against Alan Dershowitz. James Petras put Finkelstein in his place in a recent "debate".

I enjoyed the Klezmer music which started off the program, or is it Middle Eastern? Who is Hagit Borer? My opinion is that she was biased against Petras and changed the subject time after time, when Petras defeated Finkelstein on point after point.

Does it elude Finkelstein, that the Israel-first fifth column of neo-Conservative Zionist Jews becomes stronger and more powerful as they subvert America's interests and make Israel stronger? These Jews exercise their power, which is Israel's power, and Israel becomes stronger as it uses, and uses up, America to fight Israel's wars. Jewish bankers, war profiteers and Wall Street moguls grow ever richer as Americans sink into unpayable debts. Even if Wolfowitz is chewed up as he acts on behalf of Israel, Israel and its fifth column in the USA grow ever stronger as the USA grows weaker, consumed by a vampire which sucks off our blood and treasure.

Does Mr. Finkelstein believe that Israel would grow stronger by NOT using Americans to do its dirty work, and pay its debts and supply it with arms? What exactly is his point? Where the choice is between using an Israel-first fifth column to subvert America's interests for the sake of Israel's interests, or using an Israel-first fifth column to promote America's interests at the expense of Israel, the Israel-first fifth column will clearly put Israel's interests over those of America. This is the expression of their power, not the diminution of it. It is their role, not their undoing.

"A debate - James Petras and Norman Finkelstein"