Friday, April 27, 2007

Russia in the Crosshairs: Is Kasparov the Checker Who Becomes the King, the Bishop Who Anoints the King, the Rook Who Rooks Russia?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Boris Berezovsky recently declared that he intended to use force to overthrow the Russian Government headed by Vladimir Putin. What purpose did this very public announcement serve? Would it not be counterproductive to reveal this plot? Garry Kasparov has also been agitating for changes, which revolutionary turmoil has also been counterproductive. Why are not Jewish leaders simply waiting for Putin's term to expire?

It appears that the Jewish bankers intend to provide Putin with a series of pretexts by means of which he will be able to fundamentally change the nature of Russian society and the Russian Government. The Jewish bankers are giving Putin his Reichstag fire so that he can pass the equivalents of the Ermaechtigungsgesetz and Gleichschaltung laws and assume tyrannical powers, if that will favor their interests.

Israelis desire that Russian Jews emigrate to Israel. In any event, they hope that Jews worldwide segregate and do not assimilate. Zionists want to pit Russian Jews against Russian Slavs, and to make life in Russia difficult for Russian Jews—and eventually impossible for Russian Slavs.

As evinced by the moderator's questions and the candidates responses in last night's "debate", World Jewry is ginning up hostilities against Russia. I predicted long ago that this would happen. It will become far worse and eventually lead to war and revolution. Pressuring Putin enables Putin to seize control over Russia for as long as he serves the interests of World Jewry. Looking beyond Putin, it sets the stage for upcoming elections in Russia, and disrupts Russian society, and the Asian Continent, at a time when World Jewry is about to attack Islam with a massive war of extermination.

World Jewry has belled the cat it wants to scapegoat in Russia. Next will come the economic attack and Putin and his descendants will be scapegoated for any and all problems the Jewish bankers deliberately cause the Russian People. World Jewry is once again teaching Russians to distrust and loathe their own government.

Note the process unfolding before your eyes. A nation challenges the interests of the Jewish bankers, and the Jewish controlled media and Jewish controlled politicians gin up a devastating war against it. Quite often, the leader of the target nation is working in cahoots with World Jewry, to help them foment the desired war. Note that Putin, while playing along with the escalation of tensions, is not strengthening Russia's ties with Islam, which would be his best measure of defense, in that Russia could lead and secure an energy boycott centered in The Persian Gulf to secure peace and justice. Putin is cutting Russia's own throat by neglecting allies in Islam, and this despite the well known history of World Jewry's prolonged genocide of the Russian People through two world wars and Bolshevik mass murder. Do not forget who is to blame when World War III commences. There may be a limited window of opportunity in which to act to prevent a nuclear exchange.

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