Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Russian Self-Preservation

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


Russia has endured a chronic attack from the Jewish banking elite for centuries. Jewish financiers have become especially aggressive during times of war. The Jewish banking elite created Protestantism, and developed and promoted anti-Russian mythologies in the Protestant and "Christian" Zionist churches. They instigated and financed Napoleon's attack on Russia. They instigated and financed the Crimean Wars. They instigated and financed the Japanese attack on Russia. They instigated and financed the revolution attempt of 1905. They instigated and financed the "Russian" Revolution of 1917. They directed and financed the Bolshevik Jews who mass murdered tens of millions of Slavic Christians. They directed and financed the Nazis, who mass murdered tens of millions of Russians. They forced the Russians to wither on the vine and robbed the wealth of Russia, when they finally freed the Russians from the Bolsheviks at the end of the last century. Today, the Jewish banking elite are eagerly instigating and financing a Third World War, another "Russian" revolution, and plan to mass murder more Slavs than the tens of millions of Slavs which they have already slain, combined.

There is a fifth column of Jews, crypto-Jews and traitors in Russia, who are doing the bidding of the Jewish banking elite. For Russia to survive, the Russians must weed out this force from the Russian Government, and especially out from the Russian military, and most especially out from the Russian nuclear weapons defense system. It will take a few years to accomplish this result. The process should begin immediately.

Russians should examine the histories of all those in critical positions of power and responsibility and check for ties to Israel, and/or Western banking interests. They should closely watch all persons involved in positions of power and responsibility in the nuclear weapons program and defense systems. Most importantly, they must replace most, if not all persons currently in positions of authority in these systems, regardless of their background. The Russians should begin to carefully select talented young individuals from rural areas with families that can be traced back several generations, which had no connections to the Bolsheviks, Zionists, Frankists, bankers, etc., and intensively train these individuals and closely monitor them so that they can replace the current group watching over Russia's nuclear defenses with fresh recruits. This is the only way to secure the national defenses of Russia from the traitorous fifth column currently in place. Since this is by no means a guarantee of security from the instillation of new generations of corrupt and compromised individuals, the Russian should develop a system of isolating these new recruits into subsystems, which are forbidden to communicate with each other, or with the "outside world". These individuals should also be replaced periodically.

As new individuals enter the systems and subsystems, these systems should be revised such that little useful information can be passed along by former employees. Former employees should be watched, and/or isolated. Though these measures may seem harsh, one must consider the fact that the Jewish banking elite are intent upon enslaving and then exterminating the Slavs, and have already enslaved the nation of Russia more than once and have already mass murdered tens of millions of Russians. The Russians must adopt the phrase "Never Again!" for themselves.

Concurrently and concomitantly with these measures, and others like them, the Russians must explain to the World community why they are taking these steps. They must produce research articles and popular books documenting the historic war World Jewry has waged against Russia. They must show photographs and films of the starving and dead Ukrainians, the scarred churches and the destroyed cities left behind the Nazis and the Bolsheviks, who were agents of the Jewish banking elite.

Russians must expose the World to the genocide World Jewry has perpetrated against Russia over the course of centuries. Russians must also expose the Zionist corruption of Christian churches to make them genocidally anti-Russian. Russians should also expose, as they did in the 1970's, Zionist atrocities against the Palestinians and other Arab and Moslem Peoples.

What Zionist Jews have done to Iraq and Lebanon, they will soon do to Russia. What Zionist Jews have already done to destroy Russia, they will soon do again, and far more intensely.

Those Russian Jews, who are loyal to Russia, should turn in all traitors. The minority of Jews composing Israel's fifth column in Russia must be exposed in order to secure the future of Russian Jews, which these traitors are risking for the sake of the Jews in Israel, and England and America. In order for the Zionists' attack on Islam to be a war of extermination, they must maintain ultimate control over Russia's nuclear arsenal. Unseat that control, and you will defang the Zionists to a very large degree.

Let it not be forgotten, that we in America must defang the Israelis' fifth column in America, who are destroying us and who control our nuclear arsenal.