Saturday, April 14, 2007

Stephen Speicher (b. 13 December 1939, d. 31 March 2007): The "Speicher Plan" of 4 May 2000 to Nuke Teheran, Iran

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Stephen Speicher has recently passed away. I first encountered this strange, unbelievably obnoxious and juvenile little man at the turn of the century, when I disclosed the fact on usenet forums that Albert Einstein was a career plagiarist. Speicher led a group, mostly composed of other Zionist Jews, who would stalk the usenet forums and viciously defame those of us who disagreed with the theory of relativity, and/or exposed the fact that Albert Einstein was a plagiarist. By challenging us to stoop to his abysmally low level of gutter personal attack, so as to provoke us to discredit ourselves, he and his rabid claque disrupted many civil discussions on these issues and made it impossible for us carry out a useful and productive discourse about Einstein and the theory of relativity on usenet, which was evidently his goal.

Speicher worked for Caltech and advertised that fact while conducting his smear campaign against me. When I asked him if he was conducting his smear campaign against me on behalf of Caltech, he stated that he was not. Speicher, who was the most offensive human being I have ever encountered, became especially toxic when I brought up the issue of the article "Belated Decision in the Hilbert-Einstein Priority Dispute" in the journal Science, Volume 278, (14 November 1997), pp. 1270-1273, and the fact that the contentions of this article were based on mutilated printer's proofs of David Hilbert's lecture "The Foundations of Physics", but the article did not disclose that the evidence was mutilated.

I repeatedly asked Speicher, who was a namedropper who asserted that he knew several prominent figures in the Einstein papers project, if he had a relationship with one of the authors of this article, and if so what it was, but he refused to respond directly to my refutations of his attacks or to my questions and simply intensified his already intense smear campaign against me. Note that this refusal to respond to me came after Speicher had opened threads under my name, directed his postings to personally attacking me, and read my postings. Speicher had previously attempted to engage me in debate, and I destroyed and embarrassed him each and every time.

Speicher was also especially devoted to personally attacking me for exposing the fact that Mileva Einstein-Marity was the co-author, or sole author, of the 1905 paper attributed to Albert Einstein on the electrodynamics of moving bodies. This was years before the PBS documentary "Einstein's Wife" appeared, and Speicher and his cohorts depended upon the ignorance of others to defame me for bringing up this then little known issue. Was it Speicher's goal to suppress the information I was disseminating and to intimidate others from relying on, or even mentioning, my work, which neither Speicher, nor his defamation squad could refute?

On 4 May 2000, on the usenet group humanities.philosphy.objectivism, in the thread "Re: Roofs and Ceilings", Stephen Speicher stated,

"Teheran has some ten million people or so. About eight hours from my time now it will be noon on Thursday in Teheran. At that time I say we issue an ultimatum. We tell Iran that they have forty-eight hours to give up their terrorists -- all of them -- and completely cease all terrorist activities. If they do not comply by noon on Saturday, we will destroy Teheran with a nuclear bomb."

As you can see, I have, for many years, been battling Zionist Jews who have advocated a nuclear attack on Iran. Stephen Speicher moved to California in 1978, where he worked on "top secret" software and mathematical analysis methods used by the Defense Nuclear Agency, according to the death notice posted here:

It would be interesting to investigate whether or not Stephen Speicher had connections to any intelligence agencies. The methods he and his crew used on internet forums to stifle civil and productive discourse, and to suppress the dissemination of verifiable factual information unfavorable to International Zionism, were similar to the methods some Zionist organizations have advocated.