Monday, April 16, 2007

Turmoil in Russia and Turkey: World War Won Part Three

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have been warning for some time that Russia is next on the Zionist hit list after Islam. As happened immediately before and during the First World War, the Zionists, through Jewish and crypto-Jewish agitators, are rousing revolutions in Turkey and Russia. The Kurds are again being used to create disruptions and divisions in the Islamic World.

Russia is being weakened economically, by tacit threats of war, and by unimaginably wealthy Jews who are stoking up a "revolution" in the name of "democracy", which is in fact another declaration of war by World Jewry against Russian Slavs. The last time that happened, Jacob Schiff and his fellow Jewish bankers destroyed Russia by cutting off its access to funds, provoking a war with Japan and funding Japan, using Jewish and crypto-Jewish agents provocateur to foment crippling strikes, and by heavily financing Jewish and crypto-Jewish subversives. I prove this fact in my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein in, among other places, subchapter 5.9, "Jewish Bankers Destroy Russia and Finance Adolf Hitler".

World Jewry wants Russia to be weak and focused on the artificially manufactured internal problems Jewish subversives are causing Russia, rather than on Zionist aggression in the Middle East when World Jewry starts its nuclear war against Iran. They are attempting to overthrow the Russian Government in the name of democracy, so that they can afford Putin the opportunity to make Russia a dictatorship. If Putin goes against World Jewry, they will destroy Russia in the name of saving it, plunge Russia into chaos in the name of freedom, and then propose a dictator of their choosing in the name of restoring order. This is what World Jewry did to Russia in 1917, it is what they doing to Iraq today, and it is what they will again do to Russia during World War III.

World Jewry has mass murdered tens of millions of Slavs. Their bloodlust is not yet sated, there are is still Slavs left to kill and the unimaginably wealthy Jews behind the "Christian" Zionist movement are fomenting a genocidal campaign among Americans to attack Russia with nuclear weapons by telling "Christian" Americans that this will be the battle of "Gog and Magog", which is supposed to be post-Millennial and cannot take place today, and that Russia is the "anti-Christ". Russians better watch out, because the Jewish bankers are hungry for more Slavic blood and more Slavic flesh and according to their interpretation of Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39, they are determined to have it.

As was the case in World War I, World Jewry is also weakening and trying to maintain tight control over Turkey, which is a member of NATO and which desires to join the EU. The crypto-Jew Ataturk set out to destroy Islamic culture and religion in Turkey, in fulfilment of the Noahide Laws, and the "Jewish Mission" to be the "light unto the nations", which is to say the self-appointed role of World Jewry to burn down all Gentile culture, nations and religions, and supplant them with soulless Jewish Cabalistic "logical positivism" and Jewish World rule. Crypto-Jews are today trying to prevent Turkey from returning to its Islamic roots. Should Turkey regain its heritage and join with its fellow Moslems to combat the international Zionist attack on Islam, World Jewry would face enormously greater difficulties in its plan to knock off Moslem Peoples one nation at a time.

The EU was a dialectic alternative to the Communism that spread from the Jewish Ghettoes of the East during the World Wars, which were in part fomented to weaken Europe in preparation for a Communist takeover. Hitler and Stalin worked together to destroy Eastern Europe and leave it terribly vulnerable to the Communists. Already in World War One, Communist Jews instigated strikes and the war itself to weaken Germany and for a brief period took over Bavaria and made it a Soviet Republic. Hitler fought with the Bolsheviks and marched in Kurt Eisner's funeral procession. The Freikorps, who battled back the Bolshevists, would often ask, "Where was Hitler when we were fighting the Bolshevists?" After the Second World War, Konrad Adenauer and Charles de Gaulle engaged in rapprochement and set the stage for the EU in order to counter the very real Communist threat in France, Germany, Italy, Greece, etc. However, the EU itself furthered the ancient Jewish messianic dream of World government.

We are well on our way to WW III, and those who closely observe events can see the not so hidden hand of World Jewry fomenting all of the requisite conflicts and preconditions for the next catastrophe, exactly as was the case with parts one and two of the Zionist World War Won.