Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What the Russians Are Not Saying

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


Before the Russian media began reporting that Russian intelligence was aware of a planned attack on Iran, I warned on this blog that this was in fact the case:

What Does Russia Know That We Don't? What Do We Know That the Russians Don't?

We are now confronted with what the Russians are not saying. Though they claim to disapprove of an aggressive attack on Iran, and state that such an attack would be counterproductive for America, the Russians are not threatening to take any action against the aggressors in the event of such an aggressive attack on Iran. This signals a "green light" to America to attack.

Indeed, an American attack will be counterproductive for Americans, but will benefit Israel, and will weaken Russia's largest competitor and "strategic partner", America. It will also send the Islamic World into chaos.

What is the strategy of the "strategic partners"? To destroy America, instigate World War III, and artificially fulfil the Judaists' messianic myths of a "Battle of Armageddon", World government ruled by the Jewish King from Jerusalem and the annihilation of all religions save Judaism.

If there are any Iranians left who believe that Russia is on their side, they are mistaken. Iran should continue to pretend to friendship with Russia and use Russia's ruse for whatever it is worth, but Iranians should never come to depend on Russian support in a war. Russians are selling the Iranians weapons in order to embolden the Iranians to foolishly enter into war. They are not selling the Iranians weapons so that Iranians will defeat the Zionists. They are promoting Goy on Goy destruction and mass murder, which favors Israel.

In the News:

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After Islam is destroyed, the Zionists will exterminate the Russians.