Monday, April 23, 2007

Why are the Governments of the World Falling into the Hands of Radical Zionists?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

One tell tale sign of a crytpo-Jew is that they are often the most devout followers of their pretended religions. In Spain and its colonies, one could spot a crypto-Jewish family by searching out who most rigidly followed the rituals of the Catholic religion and made the biggest show of it. In the Turkish Empire, those who appeared to be most devoutly Moslem, were often crypto-Jews. These are well known facts. The following article, which discusses the ardent Zionists (more Zionistic than most Israelis) George Bush, Angela Merkel, Stephen Harper, and Nicolas Zarkozy, states, inter alia,

"The grandfather of Sarkozy, who Sarkozy considers to have been the greatest influence in his life, was a Sephardic Jew who converted to Christianity. Sarkozy himself, in stark contrast to nearly every politician in France, is a devout Christian."Bruce Walker, "Help of on the way for Israel", WEBCommentary,,, (6 April 2007).

Here is another article, which evinces Sarkozy's continued ties to the synagogue, and to the Sephardic French Jews of Salonikan descent, who are loyal to Israel (note that the article claims that only 20% of French Jews are Ashkenazic),

French Jews Favor Conservative

The article asserts, among things, that,

"The Jews of North African origin are strongly attached to Israel, don't hide their ethnic affiliation and don't fear a charge of 'dual loyalty' to both France and Israel. The young generation doesn't bow to the old French Jewish model of being French first and Jewish later, and aren't embarrassed about showing a 'communitarian' preference for a particular political candidate."JTA, "French Jews Favor Conservative", The Jewish Week,,, (20 April 2007).