Saturday, April 07, 2007

Zionist Savages Are Destroying America's Image, and America's Soul

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A clear pattern is emerging, which is shaping World public opinion against America and the UK. The Zionists in control of the governments of the Bush and Blair regimes continually push for aggressive war, while Iran strives for peace. The Zionists provoke, revoke, obstruct and inflame, while the Iranians seek civilized, negotiated solutions to the problems which the Zionists deliberately create.

The Zionists are doing terrible damage to the reputation and psyches of Americans and Brits. The Government of Great Britain, once the very symbol of dignity, diplomatic grace and sophistication, refinement and nobility; is lowered to the status of an undignified Zionist puppet parroting the slovenly Judaist "pundits" of the Jewish controlled media. English politics are being Judaized in the worst way, not in the higher scientific sense of rigor and discipline which symbolizes the best of Jewish culture, but in the thuggish, confrontational, aggressive, juvenile and ridiculous sense, the sense in which Zionist organized crime stemming from the brothels and dirty streets of Eastern Europe has "distinguished" itself worldwide.

America, too, is looking ever more like Israel. We see Israeli-style images of American troops kicking in Moslem doors, torturing defenseless Moslems, genociding innocent peoples, mass murdering women and children. American and British media, once the forum for civilized dialogue, now reflect the Judaists' penchant for screaming, screeching, reckless insult and censorship. The Judaists' tabloid journalism, and the Judaists' constant pounding on the drums of war, has infected the minds of America and Great Britain with irrational hatred and unsophisticated, uncivilized behavior. World Jewry is turning us into mindless mass murders, hate mongers, warmongers, and savages without morality, reason or any of the other cultivated virtues of Western Civilization. The Talmudic legacy of cunning, conniving and artful lying are now seen as virtues heavily promoted in the media.

We see the fruits of this rotten tree. America is rapidly declining. Britain is losing its "class". We are becoming Eastern European Jews in the worst sense, and without the charm that once distinguished that People.

The process is reversible. Those of us old enough to remember what it means to be a decent human being must school the young and shield them from the process of dehumanization carried out by the Zionists. We must speak out against the childish and barbaric tactics of the Jewish controlled media and their shameless, lying, psychopathic, uncivilized, divisive and destructive "talking heads", who censor, silence and obstruct civil discourse and who demean and degrade Americans and the British by the example of their trashy vulgarity.

They are deliberately rendering American politics a battle between two flavors of scum so as to leave Americans so disgusted, so revolted, so fearful and so reluctant, that all decent and reasonable Americans shy away from the political process and it becomes by default the domain of the vile Zionist puppets. This is happening by design. The onus is upon the American People to turn away from the Jewish controlled media, to demand that the traitorous Zionists not be allowed to fund political campaigns, and to establish civilized networks for discussing political campaigns and political issues which are immune to the virulent influence of the disgusting Zionist media.

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