Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Zionists' License to Commit Genocide Has Finally Expired

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

We know from their recorded statements, that Zionists planned to use Hitler's rise to power as an opportunity to force Jews to emigrate to Palestine. They were delighted with each escalation of the Nazi persecution of European Jewry. We know that Zionist Jews placed Adolf Hitler in power for the purpose of "reminding Jews who they are" and segregating Jews at a time when Jews were finally beginning to assimilate in large numbers and become modern and loyal members of those societies in which they lived. The Zionists viewed good relations between Jews and non-Jews as if the extermination of the "Jewish race", the extermination of the divine presence, the extermination of the God of Israel.

Zionist Jews thought, in agreement with ancient Jewish mythology, that by sacrificing a large percent of the "race" they could preserve it. They counted on the fact that there were Jews scattered all over the World, who would restock the "race" after they had decimated it in order to preserve it. They asserted that if they failed to act to segregate a large number of Jews in a "World Ghetto", that the "race" would be lost to assimilation. These are recorded facts.

The Zionists have a self-interest in covering up their crimes against the human race of creating, funding, directing and collaborating with the Nazis. Jews in general use the Holocaust as a weapon with which to intimidate, defame, ruin and silence anyone whose life they choose to destroy. They do not wish to be disarmed.

Just as Zionist Jews used the anti-Semitism they themselves manufactured as an excuse to commit the Holocaust of European Jewry, Zionist Jews use the Holocaust they themselves manufactured, as if a justification to commit genocide against the Palestinians. This degenerate abuse of human compassion as a shield behind which to hide while committing heinous acts of genocide was planned by the Zionists long before the Holocaust occurred, and it was done at their direction.

Zionism was not a product of the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a deliberate product of Zionism. In addition, Judaists have been using the charge of anti-Semitism to silence people from ancient times onward. It is a part of Jewish culture and Jews are inculcated with the belief that they are entitled to use the vile practice of defamation, and Jews have suffered enormous harm throughout the centuries as a result of this cowardly and unethical practice.

The ability to smear people with the term "anti-Semite" is a crutch and a vice which Jews have indulged and exploited for thousands of years. They are addicted to it and the popular myths surrounding the Holocaust makes the poison infinitely more effective and its use infinitely more empowering—until that key tipping point when the World public catches on to the deceit and determines to punish the fiends who have perpetuated and exploited it—a consummation devoutly to be dreaded by Zionist Jews.

Who Dishonors the Dead?

Zionist Jews dishonor the dead of the Holocaust, whom they murdered, by exploiting their deaths to promote the genocide of the Palestinians and by destroying democracy and freedom in their names. As with all groups who wield a weapon of advantage, Zionist Jews are corrupt and the acid of their corruption has eaten away the walls which once contained their lies.

The truth is the mortal enemy of the Zionist Jew, because it reveals that Zionist Jews perpetrated the Holocaust, have lied about what occurred in it, and have used it as a blunt tool with which to recklessly club others and smash democracy and free speech.

Since their lies are now being turned against them, Zionist Jews believe they have the option and the duty to take away our fundamental freedom of speech. They have corrupted our democracy through their control of the media, which in turn gives them control over the election process. They put this power towards evil purposes and as has happened so often in the past, all Jews are bound to suffer the whip of the backlash against these ugly tyrants and, until recently, hidden oppressors.

World Jewry have sealed the fate of Israel in the tomb of the Holocaust and have poisoned many Jews with the gaseous stink which fills this shut coffin. As this rotting vessel wrecks on the reef of dissent and the box springs open, the fresh air may rescue some, but the dry bones of Israel, the choking tongues wet and swollen with lies, will sink down into the syrupy mud of the swamp of Zionist deceit, forever.

The Zionists' license to commit genocide has indeed expired. The contaminated vapor of fear and intimidation, which has served as the animating force for the formation of Israel, is escaping between the ribs of the rotten corpse of the Zionist dream, as the light shines through the archway of lies onto the blackened dead heart of Israel. The vampire has been unearthed in the daylight.

The fleeing ghosts of Zionist lies rattle the fetid flaps of green flesh with a last raspy gasp. The ungodly Jews of Israel want to commit nuclear genocide against the Iranians, but their license to mass murder has expired. If they succeed in killing these defenseless people, the backlash against all Jews is bound to be infinitely more severe than the backlash against Jews for the Israeli aggression against Lebanon, infinitely more severe even than the backlash against all Jews for the Zionist crime of World War I and the Bolshevik revolution.

Post-Holocaust Zionism is a religion practiced in a temple with a roof but no walls, a roof that has been falling from heaven for decades and which is about to land on the faithful fools and drive these spiritually dead demons into their hellish grave. The shadow grows ever darker as the end approaches. Sadly, this death of Zionism will serve up no justice to the millions who died in disgrace in the Holocaust at the hands of Zionist Jews, and the millions more whose humanity was numbered, grayed and striped, then stripped with the whip of Zionist racism. The tens of millions of Gentiles, who were murdered by Jewish bankers, will receive no compensation when this lot of vipers is finally stamped out.

The Only Way Out as Day Retreats into Night

There is a reason why the Israelis act like Nazis. Both the Nazis and the Israelis are the products of Zionist ideology, Zionist religion and Zionist culture.

The racist, segregationist Israelis are the next generation of the racist, segregationist Nazis. They showed their true face last summer when they barbarically attacked Lebanon and spitefully dumped millions of cluster bomblets when the genocidal Israelis withdrew from the tidal wave of World public opinion which was rising against them. The internet rescued the Lebanese from complete annihilation at the hands of the racist Jews of Israel.

The Israelis should consider the fact that Jews ended up in concentration camps after the First World War because Europeans understood that Zionist Jews had caused that war and had brought America into it. Europeans also knew that Jewish bankers had destroyed Russia and mass murdered tens of millions of Slavs. Were it not for this knowledge, the Zionist Nazis would not have succeeded.

It does not take much imagination to picture the horrors which will follow, if Zionist Jews succeed in their plans to launch a nuclear Third World War against the human race, and destroy Islam and Russia, and mass murder hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people. Humanity will not suffer a thorn which has poisoned its blood.

Israel can have peace. All the Israelis need do is stop attacking humanity. The Israelis must cease corrupting our media and our governments. Israelis must stop polluting our destiny with their wars. Israelis must abandon their plans for our death, and in so doing win themselves a license to live among us as normal, moral human beings. Otherwise, they have no future. We will lift the lid on their coffin in the daylight of truth, whether they succeed in proscribing freedom of speech, or not. They only anger us further when they attempt to tear out our tongues to spite the truth.