Tuesday, May 15, 2007

American Zionists: Genocidal and Dishonest Orwellian "Peace Brokers"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


Not content with a grossly unfair fight favoring them, the cowardly, racist Israelis corrupt the American government to gain an even greater advantage over the Palestinians, whom the Israeli Jews are genociding. And the Zionists in America, a shameless fifth column of genocidal Israeli-first psychopaths, oblige the Israelis' bloodlust, and are so vile as to pretend to be unbiased against the Palestinians. They feign a "peace process" so that they can persuade the Arabs to war with the Persians.

The Zionists have no intention of granting the Palestinians any measure of justice, and instead seek to annihilate them. The Zionists plan to renege on all of their promises, once the broader war begins, and they will scapegoat the Arab Sunnis for the Zionists' war on the Persians, so that the Zionists can then attack their war-weakened Arab "allies". The Zionists will say, "We never wanted to attack Iran! It was the Saudis and the Jordanians who made us fight with the Iranians. We actually always wanted to fight these Arab warmongers."

Recall that this is the current Zionist tactic with respect to Iraq and Iran. The Zionists lie and state that they never wanted to attack Iraq, but instead wanted to attack Iran. They will play the same game against Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt, after they have wiped Iran off the face of the map and weakened the Arab nations with unnecessary and internally divisive war, which pits Sunni against Shia, and Arab against Persian, in each country.

The Saudi and Jordanian Royals, Egyptian leaders, and other "Moslem leaders" working with the CIA and Mossad to alienate Iran, had better pay attention to the fact that though the Zionists in the US Government state that they are preparing the way for a Palestinian State, these career liars have no intention of following through on their empty promises. Once they have destroyed Iran and Syria, and with them Shia and Bathist resistence to Zionism, they will next turn their attention to stealing "Greater Israel" including the nations of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. Look to Iraq and you will see your fate, if you fail to unite with Iran and all of Islam for peace and regional stability. Look to the tens of millions mass murdered under the Jewish Bolsheviks and you will see your fate, if you fail to unite with Iran and all of Islam for peace and regional stability.

The Israelis do not want peace. They want war so that they will have the opportunity to genocide Moslems and Christians and steal ever more land. If the Israelis had wanted peace, they could have had it long ago. For Moslems, the choice is clear: unity and peace, or, division and death.

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