Thursday, May 10, 2007

Changing of the Zionist Guard in Europe?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Germany is led by the ultra Zionist lackey ever ready to lick up Israel's spittle, former Communist Angela Merkel. However, Germans are fond of the slogan "Nie Wieder!" and never again wish to be used to fight World Jewry's wars against humanity.

England has lost its ruling Queen. Tony Blair is stepping down. It is very telling that the Iranian capture of encroaching British forces was not used as a pretext for a British attack on Iran—the British have lost their taste for Zionist wars. There have been illegitimate prosecutions of Moslems on falsely alleged charges of terrorism, which would make it more difficult for the Zionists to win British favor for war with a false flag attack. The Zionists know, and knew, that Great Britain was not ripe for another illegal aggressive war against innocent Moslem nations.

France is being primed to become the new Zionist force against Islam in Europe. France assisted Israel in the development of Israel's nuclear arsenal. France committed numerous atrocities against Algerians. France has long had a strong Communist element. France led America into Vietnam, which weakened America and drew America's attention away from Israel's crimes of aggression. France betrayed Lebanon, and Syria, when Israel aggressively and barbarically attacked Lebanon last summer. Can we expect a "terrorist" attack in France with fabricated Iranian earmarks?

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