Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Christian Bashing in the Zionist Controlled "Alternative" Media

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


Crypto-Jews, posing as if evangelical Christians, are viciously attacking Catholic Christians in the "alternative" media. This programming is largely controlled by Zionist Jews, who wish to defame Jesus and destroy the Christian faith.

These deceitful propagandists, afraid to openly state their views, instead slither along pretending to be Christians, so that they can destroy Christianity by pitting Protestants against Catholics, and coaxing unaware, and/or greedy, Christian dupes to join these Jews in defaming Christian churches. These crypto-Jews often exhibit typical Zionist behaviors, such as practicing censorship. Their fundamental lack of honor and their inability to follow normal human standards of courage and fairness prompts them to seek an unfair and undignified advantage behind which these cowards can hide and from which these gutless mice can lie and spew out their hatred against Jesus and against Christians.

I warn Protestants, and other Christian churches, that these Zionist Jews intend to utterly destroy all forms of the Christian faith. They are using you to attack Catholics, so that they can weaken Christianity in general. They will not stop at the Catholic Church. Their religious books expressly demand that Jews behead all Christians (Sanhedrin 56-60).

The Jews posing as if they were Christians in the "alternative" media today are part of a long process by which World Jewry has been undermining the Christian faith. In the Kulturkampf, Jewish propagandists viciously attacked the Catholic Church and ridiculed Catholic Priests and the Pope. Their goal was turn Christianity against itself. They artificially created deep hatreds which made it easier for World Jewry to instigate World War I. The tensions between Germany and France were largely the product of the war Jews created between German Protestants and French Catholics. This is one reason why the Dreyfus Affair occurred. French Catholics grew weary of the defamations German Jews hurled at them, and at Jesus Christ.

When these crypto-Jews ridicule the Jesuits, the nonexistent "Black Pope", the Pope, the Vatican, Catholic Priests, etc., what they are really doing is slandering Jesus and defaming all Christians. They want all people to attack, and to laugh at, Christians. This produces the psychological atmosphere Judaists need to eliminate all religions other than Judaism. It also satisfies their vindictive lust and affords them with the opportunity to scapegoat Christians for Jewish crimes against humanity.

It was easier for Judaists to defame Jesus and end Christianity in countries they absolutely controlled. In the Soviet Union, Jews persecuted Christian clergy, turned Christian churches into pig barns, or filled the churches with Christians and burned them to the ground. Judaists are seizing ever greater control over America. Their campaign to undermine Catholicism and to scapegoat Catholics for Jewish crimes, is part of a larger strategy to destroy American culture, and the American nation.

I urge my readers to react to this Judaist attack on the Christian faith and to see beyond any inter-Christian bias they may have against Catholics. Do not allow Judaists to use your bias as a tool with which to destroy Christianity in general. I suggest you confront Christian bashing crypto-Jews in the Zionist controlled "alternative" media, and demand that they stop defaming Christianity with their lies. Expect that these cowards will continue their Zionist habits of censorship, but do not let that dissuade you. Expose them at every opportunity and show that they are gutless propagandists unwilling to debate. This will make it more difficult for these vicious propagandists to destroy Christianity, because their dupes will start to catch on to what the Jesus hating Judaists are doing. Protestants will come to realize that the crypto-Jews in the Zionist controlled "alternative" media will openly attack Protestants next (they are already defaming them indirectly by defaming Catholic Christians and by implication all Christians), if Protestants allow themselves to be used to attack Catholics. Judaists in the Zionist controlled mainstream media are already openly attacking Protestants. All of these Judaist are working together in order to erase Christianity from the World. They are not your friends and they do not mean you well.