Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Hearts and Minds of the Turks

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


Ataturk is revered by some Turks, so revered in fact, that to honor him, they have retired his name and forbid its use by anyone other than the original Mustafa Kemal "Ataturk". Ataturk is seen as the guardian of the Turkish People from the corruption of internal politics, especially religious internal politics, and external forces. Ataturk is seen as the symbol of Turkish modernity, Turkish Europeanism, and Turkish identity as an example to the rest of Islam of progress, of moving forward rather than backward. The Turks know that he hailed from Salonika, but do not know that he was a crypto-Jew. Those Turks who honor Ataturk take great comfort in their belief that someone strong and powerful stood up for the Turkish People and defended them from all enemies foreign and domestic.

The role of Ataturk as the paternal guardian of Turkish honor, of Turkish freedom, of Turkish modernity, has been taken over by the leader of the Turkish Army. He is believed to be completely apolitical. He stands guard ready to intervene to stomp out any threat to liberty, sovereignty, security or independence; whether it comes from (in their perspective) the Talibani Kurds, the Americans, the backward Arabs, or their own President, Vice President or Chief Prosecutor. The military watches the watchers and Turks need have no fear because the military is just, honorable and serves only the interests of the Turkish People without foreign influence and without political ambitions. The military have not, do not and would not intervene unless necessary, and then restrict themselves only to doing what is necessary and appropriate to restore the Turkish Nation to the mission set for it by Ataturk—in their view. Some Turks feel secure in the fact that the military does not play around, but executes its role with brutal efficiency to execute politicians who stray from the principles of the revolution, and to crush foreign threats, always placing the honor and interests of Turkey above any other concerns including the desires of America, Britain and Turkey's Islamic neighbors. If a political leader abuses power, or threatens Turkey and its people, the Army will take him out, and Ataturkish Turks see this as the proper function of their military and the safeguard of their liberty.

Ataturkish Turks are caught in a series of crises and changes in both domestic and international politics. They see themselves as not only neutral, but indifferent in a hospitable and respectful way. Do not mess with me and I will not mess with you. Mess with me and I will kill you, or die trying. What happens in other countries is their business, and I will not allow other countries to interfere in my business. It would help the Turkish economy to join the EU, but we are not eager to oblige an encroaching EU agenda, and are aware of bigotry against us and the fact that Europeans are not apt to adopt the poor of Turkey.

Turks know that the Europeans are toying with them and waiting for World War III to begin, so that they can leverage Turkey's desire to join the EU as an incentive to cajole Turkey to fight with NATO against Islam. As when the Americans attacked Iraq, Turkish leaders must turn to their people with two alternatives which appear to be agreeable to the people. When the Americans attacked Iraq, Turkish leaders sought to placate the Turkish populace by either opposing the invasion and standing up for the rights of a Moslem nation, or accepting funds (up front—they did not want to be fooled twice) which would improve the Turkish economy. It is important in Turkish politics, as in all politics—but especially in Turkish politics, to demonstrate a self interest and a general Turkish interest to the Turkish People as the basis of political decisions.

The increasing fractionalization of Turkey between Ataturkish Turks and more orthodox Moslems in Turkey is as unfortunate and unnecessary, as it is deliberate. Turkey should not restrict religious freedom, nor should it restrict the rights of Turks to be non-religious or "progressively" religious. Turkey should not be a military dictatorship, nor should it become a theocracy.

There is a third way, which is yet under explored. Dogmatism, both that of orthodox Moslems and orthodox revolutionist Ataturkish Turks, must make way for genuine self interest and Turkish cohesiveness in the face of numerous threats, foreign and domestic foreign. Form an alloy whose properties exceed those of the base metals, an alloy which is strong and resists corrosion, yet is flexible, machinable, and malleable. Fighting amongst yourselves will only weaken Turkey and discourage foreign investment and economic growth. Most importantly, shed your naivete, without abandoning your pride, and learn the truth of your history and realize that the Army itself must be watched and is under crypto-Jewish control with foreign interests, and when it comes to human social behavior, everything is political, including the Turkish military. The Turkish People must watch the watchers. The Turkish People must gain oversight and power over both the government and the military.

Turkey lost its empire in two world wars. A third may consume Turkey itself.

Instead of subverting Turkish interests in hopes of winning membership in the EU, Turkey should resume its historic role as a leader among Moslem countries. Turkey should join with Iran and Saudi Arabia and use its influence to advance modernity in Islam, but not abandon its unity with other Moslem nations to promote peace and security in the region. Turkey should strengthen its already strong ties to the US and Europe by being a wise friend, as opposed to an unwise and obliging friend, a wise friend who promotes peace, prosperity and unity among Moslems in the Middle East. Zionists are working very hard to promote civil wars and international conflicts in the Middle East, and it is only a matter of time before the "European" Turks find themselves embroiled in these artificial conflicts and first used by the European Zionists in a way which weakens Turkey itself, then attacked by them, as has happened many times in the past.